Tribunal Statistics

Disgruntled employees’ lodge on average 5,000 Tribunal claims every week. It is evident given this number, that employees’ are being forced to seek recourse in the Tribunals in order to obtain [effective remedy and redress] to their grievances.

I believe this is attribuatble to three things:

1. Inadequate training within the employer’s Human Resources Department,

2. The employer choosing to act in a “capricious manner “to ‘limit its liability’.

3. Employees’ fail to establish facts within their ‘grievance letter’ or ‘Tribunal claim’ to make their employer liable to pay them any compensation.

According to the Employment Tribunals own website, an employer will spend approxiamately £25,000.00 to defend itself against a claim for harassment/discrimination.

The Tribunals website also indicates that the average awards to employees’ during the year 2011 to 2012 was:-

1. £9,940.00 for Sex Discrimination, Sex Harassment

2. £22,183.00 for Disability Discrimination, Disability Harassment

3. £102,259.00 for Race Discrimination, Race Harassment

4. £9,113.00 for Unfair Dismissal

5.£113,667.00 for Whistle-Blowing

6. £19,327 for Age Discrimination

7. £16,725 for Religious Discrimination

8. £14,623 for Sexual Orientation Discrimination