Client Testimonials

November 2018

Sam, what can I say… a million thank you’s wouldn’t be enough, I will be forever grateful for everything you did for me. After going through what can only be described as the worst time of my life, suffering from severe stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and even a visit to hospital in the ambulance all caused by work and the pressure they put me under that built up over a number of years, I was signed off sick.

I spoke to numerous solicitors and lawyers, who were all unhelpful and wanted thousands and thousands of pounds just to look into my issues, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn for help, After numerous sleepless nights, I was sat  browsing the internet seeing what I could do next, and I ended up finding your website, after reading every page numerous times and all the testimonials, I decided to give you a call, this without a doubt was the best decision I have ever made, from day one you were more than helpful, totally supportive and gave me guidance better than any lawyer could, your knowledge of employment law is unquestionable and really impressive, and all done in a way in which someone who doesn’t understand employment law can understand.

You helped me write a grievance letter using your template which must have given my HR department nightmares, after numerous letters back and forth, and further grievances and whistle blowing, all which you helped write, my employer offered a settlement, which was higher than either of us expected, I rejected this and they offered even more which I accepted.

You were always available to give support, and even just speaking to you made me feel much better, I really don’t know how I would have gotten through this without your help, guidance and support, you always responded really quickly to my questions. I can’t recommend you highly enough. To anyone reading this, who is in the same place I was, don’t hesitate to give Sam a call. Sam once again thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart, you really are amazing, you have got me to a position where I can move forward with my life with positivity and with a lot less stress.


October 2018

When my wife found Sam’s website it was a lifeline.  I had been to hell and back over a substantial time period and each time the damage to my health was greater and was leaving me feeling destitute, desperate and my mental health was severely affected.  I had seen others go through similar, only to lose their career and livelihood. I felt my fate had been sealed, by being of older years and in a trade union, which didn’t bode well.

I was relied upon by my family to put the basics of a roof over their head and all that goes with my role as a husband and father, but my company saw this as a weakness and they chose to exploit this by creating a culture of fear in those within the same age bracket and who subscribed to being in a union.

My job wasn’t one of a high caliber or wage, however it was one that I had a talent for and enjoyed, had dedicated decades to and had tremendous pride in carrying out.  I had envisioned working in this role until retirement.  The company had other ideas.  Older workers, disabled or those who were in a union were seen in a negative light and every opportunity was utilized to force them from their employ. No mercy, no mitigating circumstances.  Chosen to be “black balled” for not being young or dynamic enough to represent the younger facing representatives they wanted to be the face of the future within the company.

Then Sam entered our life, initially he couldn’t take us due to his full diary and customers already on his books, so my wife followed his advice and scrutinized his site for all of the basic information she could to make the most of what was available at that time. This decision would change our lives.

Once the letter of grievance template was used, the company sat up and took notice. The grievance as per Sam’s site advised was not upheld in my favour.  I purchased the Grievance Appeal template and this was yet another nail in the company’s coffin.  Now they knew they were in for a fight.

Needless to say Sam was again right, the company trounced the Appeal, as with the Grievance.  Falling dismally by negating to address the issues raised in both and knowing that redress through the grievance policy exhausted they went on the attack. Mistake, big mistake.

Sam now had a vacancy on his books and we handed him the reigns and from then on, he took center stage and wiped the floor with the HR Dept, Management and Legal Department.  Sam never wavered, he dealt them blow for blow, not letting them recover from each blooded nose.  Sam pulled no punches, he knew the laws they had breached, the Acts they had shown no regard for in Employment Law and led them by the nose ring on each occasion, never once letting them get the upper hand.

I am back at work now, which wasn’t foreseen and in a differing role, away from the dept that had made me so very ill.

If I can describe this kind, funny, knowledgeable man as a saint then to us he is just that.  The one thing Sam is the greatest tool you can have in your arsenal when it comes to being on your side, by your side and in your corner Sam Stone is “The Man” someone we are proud to call a friend and confidant.

Others in my company are coming forward, approaching me to ask for help and the only help they need is to call/contact Sam.

The hours he works, to the “Nth degree” and for a fee that is affordable even in the face of adversity, “our man Sam” made that possible.   Thanks to Sam and Amy for being there for people like us.

You know who we are Sam, a family whom will always be in your debt.

Should anyone doubt our word and wish to confirm all that is said is as stated above, then we will be more than happy to do so via our friend Sam’s discretion, we give permission for Sam to pass on any communication to us, which we will respond as affirmation of the above testimony.

Steve & Abby

September 2018

If you are reading the Testimony Page on Sam Stones website then I guess you must be feeling like I did, over 6 months ago. I came upon Sam’s Website after googling “how to write an appeal letter” due to going through some tough times at work. I was bullied, lied about, intimidated, harassed, and discriminated against. I was not being listened too when I took my complaints to HR. This is damaging to anyone. Being treated unfairly at work changes your outlook on life and in humans. It damages yourself worth and confidence.

Well if you are feeling all or any of that then do not hesitate in contacting Sam and his wife Amy. I am a Christian and I prayed for a Divine Intervention to help me with the challenging time at work…and GOD sent me “angels Sam & Amy.” Sam is a dedicated guy with a wonderful wife by the side of him who have heaps and mounds of knowledge that has blown my mind. When he prepared the letters for me for my HR department I felt listened to, protected, a light on a very dark path and HOPE that I was going to get through all of this mess and horrid-ness. Sam is very professional with a sense of humour who completely has your back. The charge that Sam asks for is a minuscule amount really compared to having other legal sources working on your behalf. Please do not hesitate in contacting Sam…as I believe that if you are looking on his site you must feel you need help. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Your selfworth ~ your confidence ~ your identity ~ your self-esteem, your dignity, restored faith in human kind and clearing your name. Sam is the man you need. You will be richly blessed in having him in your life and before you know it you will writing a testimony of your own to tell others how much he has helped to change your life and regain it back for you.

Client wishes to remain anonymous.

August 2018

Sam’s expertise were recommended to me at a point where I felt I had no where else to go and no one to turn too with regards to my work situation. I felt I was fighting an uphill battle with work and I was exhausted; I was very close to giving up on the grievance process and leaving. I scanned the website, paying particular attention to the testimonials and I wasn’t disappointed. So, I reached out to Sam and we had an initial consultation within 24hrs and we discussed if / how to progress; I was lucky that Sam had the time to help me with my case. In that moment, I realised I wasn’t going completely insane and that I was doing the right thing by raising these problems with my employer. I felt a great sense of relief. To put this in to context, the call was when I was already off sick with work related ‘challenges’ that had escalated over the last year. It got so bad I decided to raise a grievance and tackle it head on. I’d had no reply from my employer on my grievance, the investigation was a shambles and there was no sign of any outcome. After 6 turbulent months from grievance kick-off and 2 years in to this situation I was drained mentally, emotionally and physically. Despite chasing, hoping for an email one day that things would change, it didn’t and it aggravated my work related stressors. From the consultation call, Sam guided me through next steps and within a week I had a written letter I could send to my employer. Within 2 weeks I had a large detailed document which I could send to my employer which was worth every penny. It instantly got the attention of the right department and people. It’s down to Sam’s help and guidance that I have now agreed a settlement and an outcome that I am very happy with; I am forever in Sam’s debt. God bless. Thanks Sam! 🙂

August 2018

I have enlisted Sam Stone’s support on two separate occasions whereby my managers’ unscrupulous treatment of service users were the sole reasons I did my best to follow my employers’ internal whistle blowing procedures in good faith. In both cases, I did this to my own cost in that I was sacked for having blown the whistle both times. In the end, and in both cases, Sam got me through and my employers ultimately backed down. I don’t regret maintaining my professional standards. My career flourishes at the time of writing this I am happy to tell you. As a highly trained professional I would blow the whistle again in a heartbeat for the people I support. Sam Stone is the bravery that every such fighter needs for the battle. I daresay more would be emboldened were they to encounter Sam. The first time I stood my ground, I managed to find Sam via the internet. He gave me courage when I felt truly broken, disillusioned, and betrayed. I had tried to help. I couldn’t believe I would be professionally attacked for doing so. When this happened the second time, I questioned myself but was able to understand – with Sam’s insights – that sadly this is far too often how systems work. Sam went the extra mile to help me make sense as to why my employers were on the defensive and to realise this is not so unusual. Sam managed to normalise that for me such that I stopped blaming myself. He made time for me. He listened respectfully and lessened the gravity of the situation with his brilliant humour. In both cases, I felt scared and it was not easy to believe I would be ok, but his letters and his knowledge of case law together with his characteristic ‘warrior’ stance gave me strength. The reactions of my employers in both cases was worth more to me than the not so unreasonable price I paid to protect myself – my career – from such underhandedness. Standing up for the rights of vulnerable people is not for the faint hearted. As a health professional, I am duty bound to ensure that safe, humane and ethical practices are a matter of routine rather than a breathe of fresh air. Like most of you, I must continue to work for a living. Just because unscrupulous and unethical employers are out there doesn’t mean you can’t remain in a profession you value. You might gather by all that I have written that I cannot recommend Sam Stone highly enough. Thank you, Sam.

June 2018

I cannot thank Sam Stone enough for all his hard work that he did for me when I was unfairly dismissed from my job because of a fall that I had in which I broke my arm. I was working in this job for 17 years. Sam was always there for me through thick and thin and although I never met Sam in person he was like a friend who I could call and ask for help and felt relaxed talking with him. All I can say is a big THANK YOU SAM from the bottom of my heart for putting up with all my emails, phone calls and loads of questions and most of all for getting back my job that I was dismissed from 2 months ago! Well done!! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is in my position.

God Bless – Shelley

April 2018

5 reasons why Sam is great at what he does:

  1. Helps restore your confidence
  2. Passionate about empowering employees
  3. Answers queries promptly
  4. Reliable and discreet
  5. Delivers on what he offers

As a result of his grievance letter, my employer offered a settlement which enabled me to put the matter behind me. This was a satisfactory outcome. I had renewed confidence in my position thanks to his support. Call him today, outline your position and prepare for an honest, considered and evidenced response.


April 2018

Dear Sam, I like you thank you so much for helping me throughout my grievance process effectively, steadfastly and in a timely manner throughout and to its conclusion. I could have not fought my corner without your support; your compassionate and caring approach; sharp mind for relevant details and your in depth experience and knowledge of legal matters.  You had along the way empowered me with your abilities to stay focused. You were instrumental in helping me obtain a very good settlement from my employer off the back of many relevant and thoughtful letters that you wrote for my grievances. I would not hesitate to emphasise the fact that if I had not sought your help, I don’t believe my employer would have settled. My family and I are forever indebted to you. You are a force for good in this world.  I hope you can see how you affect people’s life for good and empower them against big guys. All the best to you and your family.

Your Friend forever – Paul

April 2018

I reported my line manager for bullying and harassment to three senior managers, as far back as 2013, but my complaints were basically ignored. Finally I went through a grievance procedure using Sam’s grievance letter template. This helped me write a very detailed grievance statement, but again my complaints were ignored. Over the years my health has suffered, sleepless nights, the tears, snapping at loved ones, my body physically responding to stress. I had worked with the company since 1983 no one person has a right to make a dedicated staff member feel like this. By the appeal stage I felt that I had no chance of getting any fair play. My husband and I studied and read everything written on Sam’s Web Site and without anything to loose we rang him.

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I did.

We had a good chat and explained my problems and Sam had heard all this before and said we needed to take control. On explaining what he could do to help us we did not hesitate and very quickly Sam had letters written for me to send my bosses about their discriminatory behaviour. Sam responded to any communication we sent him nearly straight away. He took away the burden of writing the letters to my employers which I felt was a great weight off my shoulders. He was very kind and on occasion very funny but always understanding and sympathetic to my problems. Sam’s knowledge on the employment law is amazing and although things are still ongoing at present my husband and I feel very optimistic about the outcome since we had Sam on our side. My husband and I feel that saying thank you is not a strong enough expression for how we feel about what you’ve done to help us but dear friends Sam and Amy thank you and bless you both.

Angie & Robert

April 2018

Working in the financial industry in the City as a woman is tough at the best of times but raising a grievance against a financial goliath you may find yourself where I was 4 months ago. I thought that I could handle the situation myself and chose not to take legal advice, as the solicitors I had approached only wanted to steer me down the constructive dismissal route without fully understanding my grievance.

My grievance was multi layered and complex spread over a prolonged period to include bullying and harassment, disability discrimination and whistleblowing. My health was negatively impacted and I wanted to depart my company swiftly, but with dignity and after being heard. However, my grievance was written from an emotional perspective and I failed to highlight the points of law and where my company had legally failed. I may have had a strong case but without the ability to articulate this, in legal terms, and take some control back from my company, I was set to lose my appeal. It couldn’t have got any worse at that stage.

I honestly thought at one point, after I received the initial grievance hearing outcome which was a complete whitewash, that my grievance was to be completely ignored, multiple breaches of the law pushed aside and that my company was simply playing lip service to the process. I was incredibly frustrated that I was failing to clearly articulate my claims and importantly that I was not going to be heard. I was scared at this point. 20 years in the Square Mile with an impeccable career history and I potentially couldn’t even guarantee I would come out of this with a good reference, let alone winning my case.  I needed a divine intervention….Then found Sam Stone!

I had been researching employment law when I fell upon one of Sam’s grievance letter templates which led me to his site. I read his web pages and then the testimonials. Was this guy for real? Could Sam be my savior? Should I trust and put my hope in a complete stranger on the internet? I felt had two choices Fight or Flight, to walk away to ensure a good reference or approach Sam for help. I didn’t have much left to lose as I felt completely isolated, overwhelmed and alone.  My trade union was a complete waste of time.

I trusted my instinct and contacted Sam. I just wanted to understand why was I not being heard and how I could take back the control and make my company take accountability for their conduct and behaviour. To say I was skeptical was an understatement. I am a very cautious person and as Judge Judy would say, ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. However I had nothing to lose at that point so I made the call. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. After a 30-minute telephone conversation with Sam I released this was the person to help me. His knowledge of employment law is truly exceptional. He is a human encyclopedia of employment law and I was very impressed, not only due to his knowledge of the law but his ability to quickly understand my case, cut through the crap and identify why I was struggling to articulate my situation, and explain what needed to be done to get my grievance back on track.

I provided Sam with a folder of 1000s of pages of information. Sam did not simply flick through the information but studied this over a period of days and his attention to detail was amazing. As my case was so complex, Sam wrote a 70+ page appeal document. Upon receiving and reading this document I initially winced as it was brutal! After reading it several times more I started to laugh out loud. It was the first smile I had had in months. The document was a work of art! I kept thinking of the saying ‘are you still beating you wife’!  This is how Sam had drafted my appeal. He had left no stone unturned and focused only on the points of the law, where my employer had failed legally, why they had failed and positioned it so that they had no choice but to respond to each point. Essentially Sam managed to shift the control in my favour so that my company now had the responsibility for the burden of truth.

My employer had been stringing the process along for months, but after sending the appeal document to them the negotiation process quickly commenced. Now my employer was listening! They did not even wish to hear the appeal after reading the document. They were completely blindsided. Sam made my employer look inept, incompetent and unprofessional. I successfully negotiated an exit and a settlement. Sam is aware of every angle and trick that employers try to use against you. He is not intimidated by threats and his knowledge of employment law is second to none. He is a true professional.

If you are reading my advice is to give Sam Stone a call. Speak to him and make up your own mind. It may be the best decision you may ever make.

God bless Sam Stone (and Amy!)


March 2018

If you are reading this you may be doing exactly what I was doing almost a year ago.

I was being bullied and harassed by my employer for being off work through illness.

In September 2017 I returned to work after being absent with irritable bowel and arthritis. Upon my return to work my boss had moved me to a different role. He knew that I would not be able to carry out the duties this role involved. This was a deliberate act.

I then suffered a workplace injury while carrying out this new role.

I was injured, but as I was yet again off sick, panic, anxiety and depression set in. I thought very seriously about resigning from the job I had for 15 years.

I was beaten.

My boss had won.

He had managed to manipulate circumstances and made decisions that had a huge impact on my life.

My trade union was a complete waste of time.

I called 2 employment law solicitors who informed me there was nothing they could do for me. I was now rock bottom.

My husband then read some of the testimonials on Sam’s web site.

He said we could give him a call to see if he could offer any help. I was totally and utterly against this. Why on earth would I trust some random person on the internet, when employment solicitors and a well renowned trade union had told me we did not have a case.

To say I was sceptical would be an understatement, by nature I am a very cautious person who does not trust people easily. You hear of so many internet scams where people have been duped.

After several days of my husbands nagging, and many more sleepless nights, I relented, and a call was made to Sam.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

After a 30-minute telephone conversation with Sam my whole world changed.

He understood I how felt, he knew what I was going through. What he did was to give me hope.

Within a couple of weeks he had drafted a formal grievance letter that was over 20 pages long. This was nothing short of magnificent!

Not only did the letter explain how my employer had carried discriminatory acts against me, he proved how they had done this by citing employment law and cases from the employment tribunals.

When my employer received this letter they were so shocked they did not know how to react.

They then went on further discriminate against me. Sam drafted another formal grievance letter citing case law and further discrimination.

Every single tactic they tried to use against me Sam had an employment law ace up his sleeve, he tied them up in knots.

Sam is not a solicitor, but knows every angle that employers try to use against you. He is not intimidated by employers veiled threats. I was astonished by his level of competence, knowledge and sheer professionalism.

He made my employers look inept and unprofessional in their understanding of employment law.

Any communication with him was answered within 24 hours maximum, very often he would contact me within a couple of hours either by phone or email.

Having Sam in my corner gave me back hope and belief that I could get justice against my bullying employer.

It was like having Superman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman, Robin Hood Captain America and Jack Reacher all working for me!!

Joseph Roux was quoted as saying, “When unhappy, one doubts everything; when happy one doubts nothing.”

If you cast your doubts about using Sam to one side you will have nothing to fear.

He is honest and straightforward, he does not give you a sales pitch, he does not give you false hope, he deals in facts and the law. I cannot recommend the services of Sam highly enough.

My advice to anyone who is having employment problems is: Give Sam Stone a call.

Thank you Sam.

Jim & Kerry

February 2018

I originally contacted Sam in 2015 when I was having a horrendous time with my employer. I was having sleepless nights, tears, and was signed off sick by my GP. Sam wrote a grievance letter which was very articulate, and had points of law I didn’t even know existed. The employer only listened to half of it and didn’t invoke all the reasonable adjustments I had asked for. Then in 2017 I was up against unsatisfactory performance, which came as a complete shock. With Sam’s help we put in another grievance letter in 2017, which was so well written that I wanted to frame it! Again, they ignored it, they kept passing it off to other people. I would not have got this far without Sam. The employer seemed hell bent in hitting me with their policy sticks that they didn’t stick to their own policies themselves! (Grievance) HR what a joke, they didn’t help, they drove it. The Union were useless. They didn’t want to help either. It has been an horrendous year, but I have to say I am so grateful to Sam for his help, even working on the grievance whilst he was on his leave, constant phone calls from myself whilst I was feeling low and needed some light at the end of the tunnel.


January 2018

I am a senior manager who had been working for my employer for over 7 years at the time, during which time my contribution helped the business achieve significant year on year double digit growth.

I had joined the business shortly after graduating and therefore I miss-understood the regular bullying, harassment, racial discrimination, physical assault and victimisation as “normal”, and often put it down to my inexperience. However, over time this started to affect my confidence level’s; personally and professionally.

However, it wasn’t until I started to suffer from anxiety, sleep and panic disorders that I began to realise there was a problem. After consulting with some close friends and family, and for the first time opening up about these issues at work, I finally realised this wasn’t normal and instead injustice. I felt I had left it too late and my mental health suffered significantly as a result. I felt depressed and after visiting the doctor, I was signed-off with mental health sickness.

This was the point at which I decided to seek professional help, and through some research, a friend had done on my behalf, he recommended me to Sam. This was the turning point of my life and professional career.

Since speaking to Sam about the situation, he was sympathetic, understanding, provided moral support, and consulted professionally on employment law, and helped me identify the many unjust examples where the company had failed to comply in accordance to the ACAS code. He has always been available to speak with whenever I have needed him. Furthermore, Sam also took away the burden of writing up the grievance, appeal, and every email communication in response to my employer regarding the situation. He also provided impartial and honest support with every step of the way through the process.

If you are in a similar situation, and debating whether to use Sam’s professional services or a registered lawyer/solicitor – I would recommend Sam every single time. In my experience legal firms are only in it for the money, whereas Sam is personally invested in helping resolve the matter and making sure your side of the story is fully heard. He takes a zero-tolerance approach to employers who think they can get away with it!

Thank you, Sam. The help, support and guidance you have given me has been invaluable!


January 2018

I raised a grievance at work and frankly it was going nowhere. The company was flouting all the procedures and didn’t want to settle.  I phoned several employment solicitors who were apathetic and not scary enough so I searched for alternatives.  I came across Sam’s website and after some deliberation gave him a phone.  What a turn-around! He took my initial grievance and created a document which had my company flouting every employment law known to man.  A work of art I have to say!  There were 35 pages of legalese that would have any organisation running for the hills.  Within 2 days my company wanted to settle for a very generous sum.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Sam in time to write the original grievance! Please do yourself a favour and get Sam to write your grievance and save yourself a lot of grief!

Mary D

January 2018

I can’t express how grateful I am to Sam and Amy, who have saved my career and my sanity when I had lost hope and broken down  My case has gone on for over two years and throughout that time, Sam has been available to me on the phone and writing documents which have slowly but surely turned the tables on my employer. I work for a large public sector organisation, with a hierarchical male dominated management structure and managers, HR staff and in house employment lawyers who are devious and bullying.

Approximately two years ago, my new manager and the manager above commenced a disciplinary investigation against me – totally unfounded and discriminatory in nature.  I endured a disciplinary investigation lasting over 6 months, in an atmosphere of fear where colleagues were lying about me to ingratiate themselves with management.  I was in a state of breakdown, bursting into tears in the office, unable to sleep, unable to watch tv or read a book, my every waking thought was dominated by thoughts of the work situation, it was all I could talk about with family and friends.  I was paralysed by indecision and couldn’t think things through.  I became paranoid and fearful that people were turning against me and felt that I couldn’t bear to have anybody walking or standing behind me anywhere, out in the street or in a café. I felt anxious, depressed and fearful.

I had endured other trauma in my personal life, and now this was too much to bear – I felt they were hellbent on driving me out of the organisation, or forcing me to have a breakdown and I also felt that they would never give up.  They were relentless and aggressive.

I was also a member of a trade union but when I turned to the union for help and trusted them, the rep betrayed that trust and tried to make out it was all in my head and that I was a difficult person.  I later found out that she was working with management and HR in their best interests rather than mine. When I saw a Union solicitor they were hopeless and didn’t seem to get it, saying my case didn’t have reasonable prospect of success.

There was no way I could afford a solicitor, so I read a lot on the internet including Sam’s templates which were brilliant, and then put in a formal grievance and hoped that it would be enough.

Unfortunately, my grievance was not upheld and in fact the grievance investigation and report that was produced seemed to be a further way for management to bully and discriminate against me.  I had hoped that they would see sense and stop their action, but they didn’t.

I needed help, support and expertise in this field, I couldn’t handle it on my own anymore, I was at a very low ebb and didn’t know what I was going to do.  I could see my career disappearing away.  Even though I was nervous about paying a stranger on the internet to help me, and about sending information, I had my first telecon with Sam and Amy.

From that moment on, I felt so relieved – Sam outlined what I needed to do and how we needed to take back power and control.  I’ll never forget him saying that his letter would have the effect of getting the managers up against the wall and giving them several good hard punches to the stomach!  That sounded brilliant to me and it made me laugh at a very dark moment.  The thought of that still makes me laugh two years later.  The letter was great and it got things onto a far more equal footing with my employer.  Getting Sam and Amy involved meant that a huge weight lifted from my shoulders – I no longer had to deal with this on my own.  I had two people here who had been down this same road and triumphed and who cared and wanted to help me.

Sam and Amy continued to help me throughout that year, always available on the phone to keep me going and writing letters to counter what the managers did next.  Further down the line, Sam wrote an amazing grievance appeal document, running to around 100 pages! Another phone call with Sam stands out in my mind, where he said to me “Sooner or later, one side will crack, and it won’t be you!”  In the dark days when I could see no end in sight, I kept thinking that to myself and believing it.

When I faced attending multiple occupational health referrals, Sam helped me again, with strategy and support.  Due to him, I went to these meetings feeling confident and able to openly record the meetings on a small voice recorder, and request sight of the reports for my approval, before they went to my employer.

None of my grievances were upheld – as the managers were brazen and entrenched in their bullying and discriminatory ways.

However, the letters that Sam wrote gave me the strength to take the matter to the employment tribunal, which I did without any legal assistance.  I launched tribunal action with around 30 charges, against my employer.  I always had the thought that I would start it and see where it got to – I did not feel comfortable, but I almost felt I had no choice – it was a protective move – to try and stop the managers once and for all, with the power of external scrutiny via the tribunal.

So, now, some two years since it all started, I have finally been offered and taken a settlement agreement from my employer and will continue in my work hopefully without any further discrimination from the managers.  They tried to get rid of me, but failed, thanks to Sam and Amy!

I am sure that the only reason I finally got the managers to back off is because of Sam and Amy helping me.  Without the letters that they wrote, I would not have been able to play the correct moves in the game, and without their positivity and kindness, I would not have been able to mentally continue fighting for so long.

I count myself so lucky that I was able to have Sam’s help.  He is extremely good at what he does and a very kind guy as well.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam to anyone going through anything similar.  This sort of experience is not something you can or should have to deal with alone or without expert and robust help.  The managers gang together, but they don’t have Sam on their side, thankfully!


January 2018

After being bullied and harassed by two co-workers in my office for many months, I became very ill with anxiety and depression, which resulted in having to take time off in order to cope.

I can’t go into the details of my case, but needless to say I was shocked at the shear lack of support and understanding when I initially reported it to my line management and employer. The longer it went on the more I was made to feel as if it was “all in my head” and “I was blowing it all out of proportion” so to speak. With no investigation carried out or disciplinary for the bully’s, I was given the silent treatment by colleagues and management and made to feel like the office pariah.

After many nights browsing on the internet in despair trying to find help, I finally found Sam’s website. Unable to sleep and in the early hours, I read what seemed like every paragraph. The following morning, I decided to give Sam a ring and leave a message. I can honestly say now, it was the best decision I ever made.

Sam got in touch with me almost immediately after he received my message. After a good chat, he calmly explained my options and guided me through the grievance process and what to do next. Sam was available day and night in spite of his very busy schedule and would always replied to all my messages with haste. It felt as if he was the only one who was on my side and we continued to work through everything together, which included the writing of my grievance letters and appeals.

He taught me how to stay calm and how to talk to my employer and its HR department. He turned things around and helped me to take control of the grievance process and he became a valuable friend with an abundant knowledge of employment law. Which is what I needed in order to fight my employer and the way in which I was being poorly treated. With his full support and guidance, every step of the way. I am now in the final stages of a very rewarding out of court settlement which will allow me to move on with my life and I can now look forward to a fresh start.

Thanks for everything Sam!

November 2017

If you have been unjustly treated and suffered from bullying, discrimination work-related stress, whatever your employment issue is you have come to the right place. I  found Sam Stone through what  I can only describe as Divine intervention. For months  I had searched the Internet for help but all I could find was the information that told me that I could not fight my employer. At  2 am in the morning desperate, depressed and hopeless I came across Sam’s site and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. At this time, at this very moment calling Sam Stone will be the best thing you do. If you work with Sam you will win. You will win Emotionally, you win financially you will get justice for whatever your employer has subjected you to. Sam’s winning mindset is contagious so make sure to catch it will help you in your fight. The last 24 months have been the most challenging and stressful time of my life. Before contacting Sam I had given up all hope. I had suffered from work-related stress, discrimination and more. The day I picked up the phone to Sam Stone my life changed. From the moment I explained my situation, he articulated back to me his thoughts. From that moment  I knew if I did not employ his services I would fail. I was right, my grievance letter was over 50 pages of pure genius, facts, case law and a line of questioning that would shock any layperson.  My grievance was partially upheld.  I was shocked and happy but that was enough. My employer did nothing to right the wrongs. I went into operation takedown and lodged an appeal. Sam Stone was unable to draft or read my appeal letter (Busy man make sure you get in there quick) but I was confident that I could do it I followed the template and his advice following our  telephone consults and did extra research. Within a month of lodging my appeal, we entered into negotiation for settlement, I am free. I am I’m free. I fought for myself and they listened. Sam Stone is an  Angel he gave me strength to fight and I won. Sam thank you so much you have changed my life and you helped me in my family live again I thank you.  Wishing you love peace light and endless abundance for you and your family.

Peace of Mind xxxx

October 2017

I worked for a large NHS organisation and whilst I knew I was being treated poorly I was totally lost as to what I could do about it. Like others I found Sam’s website whilst desperately trying to find information to support me in resolving issues with my employer.

After that first conversation with Sam I finally felt someone was listening to me, someone understood how I felt. Sam’s expertise and knowledge of employment law is incredible. Truthfully, this was one of the most stressful times of my life and there were times I felt like giving up. Sam was a constant source of support. He made himself available even when he had personal priorities and no words can describe that level of commitment. Take my advice, use Sam Stones assistance. You are investing in yourself and the prospect a positive outcome.


August 2017

I found Sam’s website in the early hours of the morning, after several weeks of being unable to sleep due to anxiety and worry about my employers’ behaviour towards me.  I developed a physical disability during my employment and my employer (a large corporate company) were not being helpful despite months of trying.  My endeavour’s to get help with my workplace had fallen on deaf ears and management were trying to push me out.  I had advice from a solicitor, who was cold and factual and came across as being more on my employer’s side than on mine. I scoured the internet for information and all I found were facts.  I then came across Sam’s website. Not only was there a lot of factual information about the law, but how it could actually relate to my particular situation.  I immediately knew that Sam was different; here was someone who had not just written down some legal facts in a generic way, he had shown me a way to use that information to my benefit.  After reading a few testimonials I knew he was the right person to help me.  I spoke to Sam the very next day, and he was like a breath of fresh air. He understood everything I had been through and gave me some initial thoughts, which was very helpful. I decided to take up his service of writing a grievance letter for me. It really took a weight off me, and was worth every penny.  I was so happy when I saw the letter, it was exactly what I wanted to say but could not articulate.  It had a strong punch!  Everything changed from there on in, and I managed to leave the company on terms that were favourable to me. I must admit that I was apprehensive about taking advice from a stranger on the internet, especially on such a sensitive and personal topic. I am a very cautious by nature, but I went with my gut instinct, and I am so glad I did. I could not have done this without Sam. He gave me a fighting chance and helped me stand up for myself against a big corporation. For that I cannot thank him enough. If you are wondering whether you should get in touch with him I urge you to do so. Speak to him directly and you can see for yourself. Sam supported me the whole way. He is intelligent, sharp, and knows exactly what to do at every stage. But on top of all that he is caring, compassionate and genuinely wants to help you get a good result.


July 2017

I am so pleased with choosing to take Sam’s advice and counsel through a very difficult time with my employer. To trust Sam is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

I found Sam’s website through searching the web one night desperately looking for robust information on grievance processes and employment law. I quickly read up on all the free content available on the website and soon progressed to speak to Sam directly. I felt reassured instantly as Sam quickly understood my situation, gave me some immediate advice and set time for us to speak soon again. Having Sam on-board made me feel like I had a chance against the corporation who had treated me very poorly. My employer was trying to manage me out of the business despite me being a high performer, expert in my field and an appreciated member of the team and the business. It was clearly very personal, my manager wanted me out !

Sam helped me highlight this in a constructive manner, pointing to the law, which gave me a strong position against them. We stopped them dead in their tracks and I managed to leave on terms that were favourable to me, I would not have been able to do this my self or through the sole help of a solicitor, Sam was crucial to the positive outcome!

Sam is direct, razor sharp, thorough, strategic and kind. His support was what kept me going and what gave me the strength to fight back against Goliath!

I give Sam my highest recommendation for anyone that is going through a difficult time with work. Give it a shot, start by having a call with him and you will see for yourself.

Good luck!

June 2017

If you are reading this now, you may well have found yourself in a situation with your employer whereby you have been accused of wrong doing and facing disciplinary action or worse have been dismissed. Like me, you may well be experiencing sleepless nights, constant room pacing, palpitations or anxiety attacks. Like me, you may well have found grains of truth in allegations made against you which you have built in to mountains, only natural, and therefore believe you can’t fight this action. You may well belong to a union who have told you nothing can be done. Stop Now!!! You can fight this but you need help. Speak with Sam Stone immediately! He will listen calmly and sympathetically and then advise you on what action to take, and if you feel you can’t put together a formal grievance, he will do it for you for a fee, which in comparison to what solicitors’ charge is miniscule (I know because I did initially seek legal advice from solicitors). I came across Sam’s site late, one sleepless night, soon after my suspension, and to be honest I did question the validity of the testimonials (sorry Sam). In fact, continued surfing elsewhere for answers but was drawn back and eventually made that call. I am so glad I did as Sam immediately reassured me. He didn’t say I would win, at the same time Sam didn’t say I would lose. At last I felt I had someone on my side who was prepared to listen. With Sam’s help I lodged a formal grievance outlining employment breaches against me, supported by legal precedents (actual cases). It was amazing to read! Management couldn’t deal with it and had to bring in (at great cost), a consultant.

My initial grievance was rejected which set me back – I was again losing hope! Sam suggested an appeal, which I agreed to. This time it would be heard by the organisations trustees.  What can I say, I won, totally exonerated of all charges!!!   A settlement and terms were agreed within 24 hours which I was very happy with. To reach this stage I had endured 10 long stressful months with medical interventions, although I still maintained my salary, which helped.  I can now close this chapter on my life and move forward to a new one.

If you are reading this now and experiencing similar issues then my heart goes out to you. Please don’t give up!!! Get in touch with Sam. Sam can be a little blunt and say stuff that you think will wind management up and be detrimental to your case. In this respect, he can be described as the type of person who takes no prisoners and shoots all hostages (sorry Sam).  But you need to ask yourself – are management losing sleep over you, having palpitations or pacing the floor in the middle of the night after trashing your reputation???  No! But with a few, legally deliberated words from Sam, they may well be. I would like to thank Sam for everything he has done to support me over these last 10 months. I am quite happy to speak to anyone personally (over the phone) as sometimes it’s good to speak to someone who knows what you are experiencing.


May 2017

I am a senior manager in a high profile construction company. I consider myself quite informed in relation to Employment Law and in having such knowledge considered myself fairly protected. However, when personally confronted by direct bullying and harassment by my employer seniors, my knowledge was quickly superseded by emotional vulnerability and desperation. The isolation I felt by such capricious action was completely overwhelming and detrimental to both me and  my family. I suffered emotionally and physically. Clearly I realised I required some professional legal advice. I came across Sam’s website purely by chance. Already feeling vulnerable, I was considerably circumspect about procuring advice from an unknown source on the internet. To offer such trust to a stranger when faced with incredibly difficult circumstances was onerous and precarious to say the least. My case, like most was complex and interspersed with inequitable actions concerning  Board members of my company. My position was highly tenuous but I had to protect my livelihood, after all I had done nothing wrong. As soon as I spoke to Sam, I knew immediately I had made the right decision in contacting him. He promptly realised and understood my position and was able to offer viable assistance. His responsiveness, limitless legal knowledge and authenticity alleviated my fear. I slept for the first time in weeks. Sam has a very practical but personal approach, he was committed and dedicated to my case. He is articulate, concise and immensely supportive. My daily conversations with him helped me enormously, for that I am indebted. One quality I really admire and respect about Sam is his honesty and transparency.  If he perceives that your intended actions aren’t in your best interest, he will not hesitate to advise against it; albeit he will determine the best possible outcome.  Due to Sam’s involvement my case reached a satisfactory conclusion, fundamentally on my terms and not my employers. My success is mostly attributable to Sam’s involvement and  his expert management of the particulars of my case. Subsequently my ‘response’ to my employer resulted in all intended formal action being rescinded. As a result, I retained my dignity and my self-worth which was priceless to me!  In doing so, I am hopeful that I have sent a clear message to my employer that bullying and harassment is wholly abhorrent in the workplace.  It’s important to remember that employer’s behaviours are predicated on ’’always getting away with it’’ but, there will always be one employee will stand up and fight.  I was that employee. Finally I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to Sam as he allowed me to turn fear into courage and detriment into success.  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

April 2017

It really is so very difficult to put into words the immense impact Sam has had on my situation, however I will try to capture as best as I can.  I came across Sam’s details further to being off with work related stress which developed into severe anxiety, depression & many of the associated symptoms that go along with the illness.  I had been trying to manage contact with my company alone while on sick leave & it was becoming increasingly apparent that they were not prepared to accept that it was work related, aid my return to work correctly & they were not going to address the issues I had raised in an appropriate, reasonable manner.  Accordingly, I felt very alone, vulnerable & exposed. Sam was like a complete saviour from the moment I contacted him.  He provided excellent advice relating to my communications with my workplace ensuring that I took control of the situation, rather than being made more ill due to my employer’s reticence to help.  The invaluable part of what Sam does is certainly not just in his extensive & comprehensive knowledge of employment & associated regulatory law, but also through his absolute emotional & psychological support for my situation.  Sam never wavered from being on hand for a call & words of encouragement, inspiration & motivation.  Through some of the darkest moments of my life Sam was there to support me. Sam is highly articulate, knowledgeable & such a kind, special person that I cannot imagine how I would have got through such a traumatic period without him. My case was complex & took literally months & months to come to a satisfactory conclusion, however I know that without a shadow of a doubt that without Sam’s support I would have done exactly what my employer wanted which was to either for me to walk away & let their misdemeanours go unnoticed or indeed they would have ensured their ongoing pressure would had had me hospitalised. Sam truly deserves recognition for his never ending support & work in this field. He is the absolute best!


April 2017

I came across Sam’s website after searching how to write a grievance letter. I felt a relief by reading the testimonials, because I recognized parts in many of the stories I read from other people whom had been helped by Sam. Although, I have to admit that I did have thoughts, that this might be one of those websites that the service been offered seems too good to be true. I had also some doubts because I was still in my probationary period (6 months) and therefore not very long with the company. Despite that, I was strongly convinced that the unfair way in which I had been treated at work, was not justified and in that case it doesn’t matter how long you work for your employer. I am normally a tough cookie, but unfortunately, there was nothing left of that tough cookie anymore. I was sinking into a depression. Then I decided I had to take action. I emailed Sam and he asked to phone him only 2 days later. The doubt that I described above completely disappeared during this phone conversation. I found Sam very easy to talk to, understanding, but most of all very honest. I emailed him the acts that happened to me at work and asked him to write the grievance letter. I was too stressed to do this myself and to be fair I didn’t had a clue where to start. I also wanted it to be a great letter, which would make my point clear, straight away. When I received the grievance letter from Sam, I was ecstatic and phoned my sister and said it feels already as a victory, no matter what the outcome would be. My employer upheld a part of the grievances, but not the part for unfair treatment. I was still very confident because I knew Sam was there to advise me about the best next steps. I have appealed the grievance outcome with the help of Sam. With the outcome of my grievance appeal, it seemed that my employer now really showed their true colours, because their response was kind of rude and unprofessional. Sam wrote a letter for me for a very reasonable price and asked my employer to have a discussion for a settlement agreement. My employer responded very quickly, from here it took only 1 week to come to a very satisfied settlement agreement. With my experience, I would like to say to all of you who still have doubts, do not be put off, if you hear from people/ lawyers that you don’t have a chance (I have heard that myself). If you believe you have been treated unfairly, do not hesitate and give Sam a call, because I felt he was very honest and explained me also the few weaknesses in my case. I believe if you really don’t have a chance that he would be honest about that too. You have nothing to lose. Overall, I found the money I paid for my grievance letter very well spent for the eventual outcome and closure.  I can move on now with my head held up high, up to the next job 🙂

Sam, I can’t thank you enough!!! You were a great support for me through this stressful process. I admire your professionalism and knowledge. I am also grateful for all the knowledge that I gained from it. I hope I don’t find myself again in that situation, but it does feel good to know if I do, I know where to find you. You were amazing!

Best wishes,
B. – Northern Ireland

March 2017

Dear Sam

Thanks to your help and knowledge I am happy to let you know that my wife’s employer has come to a negotiated deal that we are more than happy with. This would not have been possible without your help and advice. Your depth of knowledge and experience with employment rules and regulations really turned a bad situation round in our favour. Time and time again you were able to see how the other party were trying to manipulate the situation and each time they tried, our counter argument seemed to put them in more trouble! At first I was very sceptical about hiring someone over the internet but I had no need to have worried and would happily recommend you to anyone that finds themselves in dispute with their employer. Being able to call or email and within a couple of hours have a response really helped put our minds at rest and quite often meant that we could respond to their communications within a matter of hours. I hope I never need to call you again but would have no hesitation in doing so if the need arose!

March 2017

If, like me,  you have arrived on this site after endless online  searches in the middle of the night for information/help regarding your work situation look, no further. Before finding Sam’s site I’d contacted 4 different solicitors trying to get information and help regarding the possibility of raising a grievance and ultimately negotiating a settlement to leave.  Of the one that bothered to return my call I was left feeling pretty hopeless – they didn’t seem to understand the situation at all. Imagine the relief when I phoned Sam who immediately got a grasp of the situation and explained my options, what he could help with and the next steps. Knowing that Sam was there, always responding quickly to any questions relieved so much of the stress that bringing a grievance against your employer involves. My outcome was  a very  good one for me and one  which I would never have achieved without Sam’s help.  All the best.


Testimonial February 2017

If you are reading this then you are probably feeling at the end of your tether from constant stress from an issue that has arisen from your workplace!

Maybe you feel bullied by your line manager, told in supervision that you’re failing your duties and your company has put you on a PIP. Or like me you have blown the whistle on some workplace wrong doing and you are being victimised for raising a genuine concern in good faith?

FEAR NOT! What we employees have is Rights!  Unfortunately our Employers do have rights to and within their rights they have a Grievance Policy for you to use to help solve such employment complaints; however this grievance procedure is very much set up in the favour of the employer such that it will use this to its advantage to help trivialise any such dispute you may have.

You may be listened to by a charming, understanding HR manager who will try and convince you that he/she is your friend and that he/she is on your side.  This cannot be further from the truth; they are there to protect the company and will do anything to limit any company liability.

When they investigate they  your grievance they will use every trick in the book to dissolve it, you can of course appeal this but again your employer has the last say and will always try and will find an excuse.

This is where Sam Stone comes in, he will write you a grievance and appeal if necessary but what Sam will do for you that you cannot do yourself is write your grievance/appeal in such a way that your employer will be stunned and will find it difficult to wriggle out of any genuine concern.  Sam will include quoted laws that have been broken as well as examples of successful Employment tribunal claims where the same laws have been broken. Straight away you will put your employer on the back foot, running for the hills!

Sam does of course charge for this service and will ask for this up front but believe me it is money well spent, you will be amazed at the detail Sam will go into on his letters and he is always available to speak to weekends included! This Man knows his stuff!

In most cases employers will be so rattled that they will look to settle out of court before things escalate to a tribunal; however with my case it involves some serious concerns and is on course for a tribunal win. This is because Sam Stone had written my grievance and appeal in such a way that my case is valid for a claim, something I could not of done myself. I have now employed a no win no fee solicitor to take my claim forward with a very good chance of winning and holding my head up high to the fact I was treated unfairly. This claim would not even go this far without the expertise of Sam Stone who I would recommend to anyone who is in my situation. Thank you so much Sam. If I ever bump into you I will certainly get you a drink or two!!


January 2017

Sam has spent the last four months coaching me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Not only did he write my grievance letter, appeal letter and all the necessary, sharply worded letters but he was also on the end of the phone and on email to me constantly with advice and guidance whenever I needed him. His words of encouragement and the work he did for me went above and beyond what I would have expected. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is being treated unfairly at work and needs some support in dealing with it.

Anon, South West England.

January 2017

If reading this testimonial, you like me were in an unfortunate position that an employer (its HR department and management) is treating you badly. It can be a very scary minefield to try navigate – trust me I know! Whilst friends and family can offer support, they don’t have the employment law knowledge that you need. Lawyers are slow, costly and ineffective. This is how my search for a trustworthy, professional whose knowledge of employment law led me to Sam Stone. Sam is one of the best in the business at employment law knowledge. He isn’t in it for the money and has integrity. His knowledge on employment law and attention to detail will leave any employer in position whereby they know you mean business. He wrote my grievance letter, emails to my employer and appeal letter. Sam gave me unbiased advice and support daily for 3 months until I reached a settlement with my employer. Sam is very direct and effective  in his dealings. He pulls no punches so be warned. Had I not worked with Sam, I honestly believe I would have resigned my position, got no reference, and be in a bad position financially. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough to anyone considering taking on an employer.  You need Sam! Money well spent.  Good luck!
Lisa( London)

December 2016

Sam, you’ve been amazing to work with, like a Robin Hood in the world of work ! I can’t thank you enough. My situation is similar to a few other testimonials on this website, so without going into details I just want to say a really big thanks to Sam Stone for his outstanding service, he has been my saving grace over the last 5 months. Through the fears, tears and doubts he has helped me with my grievance letter (My grievance letter! what a letter that was !) and encouraged me to have strength in my convictions. It’s extremely difficult to do the right thing in a world of work interested in doing things ‘right’ no matter how that comprises your integrity or stress levels. Sam has an amazing knowledge and a reassuring manner and will stand beside you all the way; always there at the end of the phone when you need him. If you need some more courage and want help with grievance letters, I cannot recommend Sam highly enough.

November 2016

I must commend Sam Stone’s website.  My employer wanted to the dirty on me. I was originally put on an informal PIP, this then progressed to a formal PIP, then I was fast-tracked and put under an enormous workload which became physically impossible to do. I was then referred to Sam’s website by a friend, who was helping me with my employers.  My employer wanted to fast track me out of job. My line manager  wanted me gone i.e. sacked due to alleged poor performance saving my employer money.   This was after over  11 years of service, with appraisals of proficient rating each year. All of sudden, my performance was poor.  I always seemed to be on the back foot, and my overall confidence took a severe battering.  I was practically working all the hours god could send, and I was constantly looking over my shoulder. Eventually, I was given a written warning. As far as I was concerned, I had nothing to lose but my job. I had to launch a grievance to the way I was treated.  I bought all of Sam’s templates.  Sam seemed to be on call 24 hours via email.  I was amazed.  Suddenly I took control of the situation, I was not on the back foot any more.  They tried every nasty trick to get me gone. (As Sam had predicted).  It was a nasty process, very stressful.  In the end I left with a redundancy settlement and injury to feelings settlement and a brilliant reference. I believe Sam stopped them in their tracks, if it was not for Sam’s help,  I would have been sacked, out on my ear without anything for all the years service I had given.  If you do find yourself in a similar position give Sam a try, value for money I cannot commend him enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam.

October 2016

I contacted Sam as a desperate situation prevailed. My husbands employers of 17 years were embarking on a new venture of amalgamating three places of work. They were changing his contract and expecting him to fall in line with all their new initiatives. When he was unable to fulfil their wishes due to his long standing disability of anxiety and depression they started intimidating him. Following a short period of sickness with anxiety and depression, they would not consider reasonable adjustments to enable him to continue  to do his job. They were regularly bullying him,  cornering him and trying to force him into over heavily manned meetings which were intimidating and oppressive. They were regularly harassing him and driving him into a corner. Internally they knew that due to his disability he would not be able to stand his ground and defend himself. They were on the road to using his fragility as a opportunity  to oppress him to the point where their actions could well have made him act unreasonably and potentially that could well have opened  the door to them having the golden opportunity of being able to remove him by way of constructive dismissal. The situation  was dire and we felt like we were in a well sinking in  slowly rising water as it began drowning us. Then our KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR arose in the distance. YES there he was THE AMAZING MAN ……… SAM STONE! Sam took everything on board for us. We discussed the difficulties my husband was facing. Sam was very understanding and after a brief conversation with Sam it felt the weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

Sam took everything on with ease he supported us. His knowledge, expertise and understanding of employment law is outstanding and second to none. He listened with enthusiasm he gave us sound  honest and professional opinion at all times. We worked together compiling all the facts and information required and constructed a grievance letter to take on the employers who where making my husbands life a misery. Sam did all the leg work with dedication and tenacity. He covered every angle from a legal perspective, including drafting a letter of appeal to appeal the grievance outcome. He had the HR Department virtually “shaking in their shoes”. Sam Stone ‘s Legal expertise, dedication and devotion resulted in us achieving an outstanding outcome and a great settlement offer. Without Sam Stone we don’t dare to think where we would be now. If your sitting there thinking and debating “shall I, or shall I leave it” DON’T! Do the email or make the call to Sam. It will be the best thing you will ever do! Believe me, justice will prevail!


October 2016

I was given Sam’s contact details by a work colleague when I experienced a particularly upsetting situation with my manager while struggling with stress and depression…caused by them I may say!  Sam gave me great advice on the steps to take and ensured that the information provided in my grievance and subsequent appeal was consistent and hard hitting!  I mostly appreciated the honest conversations and no beating about the bush approach and his reliability in calling and forwarding the necessary documentation when he said he would.  It was necessary for me to employ the services of a solicitor following the grievance in order to take the situation to settlement discussion or tribunal stage and am glad to say that I achieved a favourable outcome of settlement in order to put this situation behind me which has caused me a great deal of anxiety.  It’s sad to think that after 27 years with the same employer and considering myself to be loyal and an asset to the company that I could be treated that way and my career come to an end like that but thanks to Sam pointing me in the right direction I can now look to the future with a nest egg behind me knowing that fate played a hand to move me on and it’s definitely for the best.


October 2016

Finding Sam Stone was such a relief. He was able to quickly process the large volumes of information I was giving, and formulate an effective letter of grievance for me. Sam is personable and easily gained my trust in his integrity, skill and professionalism. Sam responded in a timely manner to emails and telephone calls and made the whole process as stress free as was possible. He not only impressed me with his immense knowledge of employment law, but exceeded my expectations by a million times over! The best advice I give to you all out there who has suffered detrimental treatment by their employers is , don’t bother with these blood sucking solicitors who will slowly transfuse your money out you via a drip feed. Just one grievance or appeal letter by Sam are so powerful that your employers will be rattled to the very core and will run for the hills and forced for an out of court settlement route. Thank you very much Sam for all you did. You helped me through a horrible and stressful experience, always communicated with me, and let me know at every step as what was happening and the preparations of the next steps should my employer not behave. I can certainly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in that unfortunate position and I thank you for helping me achieve a positive outcome. I would absolutely not hesitate to consult Sam Stone again, should the need arise and will certainly be recommending him to all my colleagues and friends should they ever need to raise a grievance against their employer. Very best regard


September 2016

As a BME [ Black Minority Ethnic ]and being disabled person one can imagine the difficulties that prospective employers present to us. Life is always difficult and you wonder if there is anyone out there you can turn to tackle these bastards. I found Sam!! I came across a friend and she described this gentle man who takes no bullshit from employers. I asked for Sam’s number and I called him on a Sunday. Obviously this was a pot luck call and to my surprise Sam answered and asked me to call him back at a certain time. I called him and within seconds he knew exactly what I was attempting to express to him. Within minutes he was already constructing my defence and grievance. Within weeks Sam had produced letters for me to intimidate my employers and place them on the back foot.  Miraculously they raised their head to listen. I had gained back some control and self-respect. My union were already in collusion with my employers and trying very hard to keep their romance intact whist being ‘seen’ to serve their members. So I needed someone who could protect me. Sam wanted to be paid upfront for pieces of work and that was my only worry initially. However he delivered much more and hence forth I was comfortable with the money side. Sam’s methodology is very much like ‘a bull in a china shop’ but the Bull is a martial artist. He knows the moves in law so well and I had to spend weeks reading up these laws. Even my employers and the employment judges were perplexed at my Formal grievance that Sam had written for me. I wish I was a fly on the wall when my employers opened my Grievance letter. My union would not have done a fraction of the research. I had spent a little more money than I initially thought, but upon looking back at the attention to detail Sam out in, I could not grumble. Sam’s charges are very reasonable compared to high street solicitors but more accessible and always at the end of the phone. Strangely sometimes I will call him just to hear him rant about stuff. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants justice and wants the Employers to feel a bit of their own medicine whilst getting justice for their poor treatment of you.

Mr X

August 2016

I first contacted Sam following a recommendation from a friend and my first question to Sam was will I be successful. He replied – “without me you have  no chance but with me you have a chance”. Never a true word has been spoken! I felt so uncertain and out of my comfort zone thinking what am I throwing at my hard earned money at this but seriously I am a conservative individual it took me time to get my head around it and this was because I was challenging a County Council who are one of the hardest employers to deal with. The journey was horrendous I made myself ill with worry for both myself
and my family. I suffered from anxiety and depression and finally after a really difficult 10 months of fighting, uncertain any, heartache and despair the Council with Sam’s support grievance letters and guidance I was able to reach an outcome. Based on the letters that Sam wrote to me to send I to my employer left it clear that their responses they finally they took me seriously and now I have opted to take voluntary redundancy which was never on offer at the onset. I would recommend Sam Stone to you on every level without hesitation and would use Sam’s experience and knowledge to help you to beat your bullies and achieve an admirable outcome.

With best wishes – Wendy

July 2016

Sam is incredibly helpful and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone facing the might of their employer with a grievance.
I was initially sceptical about using Sam as all his testimonials are very positive and my standards are high, but from initial contact through to achieving a settlement with my employer he has been there for me. He is not just knowledgeable about the legislation but he cares deeply about the employee’s  rights.  Sam doesn’t just point you to the relevant legislation but guides you through writing the appeal. He responds promptly to questions and queries and is always there to offer advice and support.  His attitude towards me was in high contrast to the one from the Union rep, who behaved appallingly throughout the process.  Using Sam’s knowledge and understanding of employment legislation was a key feature of my defence and I am in no doubt as to its weight in convincing my employer of the many mistakes they had committed and was strategic in making them settle without the need for an ET.

July 2016

I have been and still am a union rep for the biggest union in the UK. I work in the not for profit i.e. charity sector. My employer is without doubt the most uncharitable, although they like to say they are ‘accountable’ have ‘values’ and are striving to be a best practice employer. I’ve been on many courses to enable me to ‘rep’ the members, but I can honestly say those courses taught me absolutely nothing of use in the battle of employee vs employer. So I started to look on line for ‘grievance template’ as my Union didn’t have such a thing. I found Sam.

I read everything he’s written on all the different topics and I have learnt far more than any course I’ve been on! All his templates are without doubt the most helpful, insightful and help you win an argument/disciplinary with your employer, but as he says unless they have breached a law or regulation then its probably not going to help to go in guns blazing. Please be in no doubt his templates state the law and they state very clearly what is expected of the employer. I’ve used Sam to help me with a member who was being systematically bullied and put on yet another PIP by her line manager who has an ulterior motive to get her out to save redundancy. Through the Union my hands were tied by the ‘they can do that’ and ‘it’s a process’ rubbish by my Union officer.

I told her to contact Sam and she did straight away. Sadly, I cannot be her support/rep now as its a conflict of interest, but I wont let that stop me supporting her, and thanks to Sam, she feels totally heard and understood. Don’t hesitate to use his templates and if necessary call him.
Jane – July 2016

May 2016

Sam Stone’s knowledge, expertise and understanding of employment law is outstanding. He listened to my case and gave his honest and professional opinion at all times. We worked together compiling all the facts and information required to document my grievance letter to the company. Sam supported me through thick & thin and met all deadlines promised, on time. And delivered to me exceptional support in very trying circumstances. My grievance letter was amazing. Factual, to the point and covered by law parlance. Sam covered every aspect I wanted conveyed to my employer and much more. Which resulted in an acceptable outcome after a long hard battle. This enabled me to walk away head held high as the right outcome was achieved after some poor treatment by the company concerned. I cannot thank Sam enough for his support and professionalism. Without which my experience would have been considerably worse at the hands of corporate intransigence. I can honestly say. That this, has been the most difficult part of a long and distinguished career in engineering that I have ever had to endure.
However, with a guy like Sam Stone in your corner you are not alone. I have come to regard Sam as friend and would hopefully share that beer with him as promised. Cheers Sam   If you are reading this review and are the victim of bullying, harassment, work related stress or management manipulation tactics. Then Sam is the man for you. He stands for the underdog when so many sway the other way. My final piece of advice is. DO NOT cave in to corporate dominance as so many people do.
REMEMBER – YOU have Sam Stone to call on.

May 2016

I first contacted Sam in July 2015 to get some advice about a grievance I planned to raise with my employer. He quickly pinpointed the crux of my complaints from an employment law perspective and helped me draft a compelling grievance letter and evidence. Although my employer did not accept my complaints they did acknowledge they had never seen a grievance written like mine before. I believe this was because Sam really gave it teeth and put them on the back foot. Sam helped me draft an appeal, and prepare for meetings with my employer. All of these put my employer under further pressure and last week they agreed a substantial settlement with me to avoid us going to a full hearing in a tribunal. I don’t believe I could have achieved this result without Sam’s help. He helped me to understand the issues and express them in the best way. He was always available by phone and gave me the confidence and the tools to hold my employer to account. I can’t thank him enough.
Anonymous – Yorkshire

April 2016

If you are being bullied, harassed or suffering from work-related stress and all informal ways of raising concerns have failed then you need to think about putting in grievance. What I would say is please do not do this lightly because you need to be prepared to leaving your organisation as a result. If this is the right route for you then where do you start, what do you say? You only have one chance and you need to get it right. This is where Formal Grievance can help. Write down your story and download the templates from Sam’s website and I will guarantee you will have one the most articulate and well written grievances your organisation has ever received. They will have to take you seriously. My own story was one of work-related stress and anxiety arising from a huge workload and a poor manager. I was burned out, ill and exhausted and then when I didn’t think things could get any worse they tried to force me out with a sham redundancy. Happily we reached a resolution where I could walk away with my head held high. I could not have got through this without the templates and help from Sam Stone. I would be lying if I didn’t say its one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through but through this process I’ve learned the problems at work were not my fault. I no longer blame myself. Above all, its given me back my self belief and confidence to take forward into my next role.

(Client wishes to remain anonymous).

April 2016

Sam Stone is just as fantastic as all the reviews state. He’s like an oxygen blast through my head! I had spent a lot of money on Lawyers prior to talking to Sam which I now regret. My advice – take the leap and give Sam a call. He will work harder and give your case more attention than any lawyer, he’s always on the phone when you need him and gives outstanding guidance and a frank opinion. My employers entered into a settlement agreement with me earlier than expected and Sam even refunded me for the work I paid him to do on this basis. He gives the best guidance – even if it’s him that looses out! Sam gave me the time and attention I had craved for when I really needed it. He wants to thoroughly understand your grievances and has the expertise in law to know exactly the best way forward. He’s the people’s champion and he’s passionate about helping others get justice. Don’t hesitate – talk to the chap and you’ll know what I mean! Thank Sam!



March 2016

They say a little goes a long way, and this has never been truer than my situation with Sam. I , like many others before me, stumbled across his site at a time when my job at the previous employer was in a perilous state, with the campaign of abuse going up several notches prior to enough being enough. I was ready to quit, life had become unbearable and they knew it. They were also ready to take advantage of the fact I was still on probation and terminate me with a 1 week notice, thinking that there was not a slight chance I could win, given that an employee cannot claim constructive dismissal having been at the company for less than 2 years. However, the small print, which employers usually deploy to hurt an employee, came back to haunt them. Immediately, Sam put my mind at rest, told me to invoke section 44, and how the invoking of it practically ties the company’s hands. Given that I had lost trust in everyone, I was still sceptical. He explained to me that there are certain circumstances that override the 2 year rule, with this being one of them. From this point on, the balance of power flipped over-night. What sounded too good to be true was in fact not, and to use a boxing analogy, having had me on the ropes late on Friday afternoon, they should have not allowed me to survive that weekend. Armed with this knowledge, and newly found power, I decided that getting out of this place with a job either on the same pay or even less would be the priority, for my own sanity and the fact that it would also look good on me had this gone to tribunal. Needless to say, I managed to secure a job elsewhere, resign on my own terms, using the short notice period I was on to full advantage and releasing myself from this unscrupulous employer’s grip in quick fashion. Moreover, I had also been accruing holiday despite taking time off. It gets even better, as despite my resignation, one of their HR people mentioned a settlement agreement to me, something I at the time didn’t know about the existence of. He then tried to act all pally with me, claiming that trust wasn’t broken, despite outlining in my resignation letter that it was. His arrogant and underhanded behaviour continued, which led to me appealing the incredibly biased outcome, leading to an agreement which leaves me quite a bit better off economically.  The money I spent with Sam gave me a security blanket, helped me to get a better job and a settlement agreement out of this particular bunch. But above all else, it gave me the confidence and knowledge to defend myself going forward. Mr. Stone, you truly are the people’s champion, and I don’t think that the unscrupulous like what the Stone is cookin’.


February 2016

When I came across Sam’s site, it was as if a light had been turned on in what to then was the dark room of my life. He listened, he empathised and he gave me his honest and professional opinion. I had no doubt that this man would be the only way forward in taking forward a grievance with a very difficult employer. He kept every promise, he met every deadline, and led me through a grievance process that I would have struggled with if acting alone. He laid all the foundations (set the stage) for what ultimately proved to be a very successful unfair dismissal and discrimination case, which my solicitor handled. I could not recommend this man highly enough. He was my advisor and confidant, and although he sometimes had to tell me things I didn’t want to hear, Sam fought for me and believed in me. Thanks Sam, you’re a real star and a great guy.


February 2016

Like many others, I came across Sam’s site by pure accident. I was off sick for the third time in as many years with a stress related illness and was at the end of my tether. I loved my job but the concerns I had raised to management regarding my health had been constantly ignored. As per company procedure, my next cause of action was to submit a grievance; unfortunately I didn’t have a clue how to go about it! Thankfully lady luck was on my side that night as the first link I clicked on took me to Sam’s site. After sitting up most of the night reading through the information Sam had provided on his site regarding the grievance process, it soon became clear that it was a lot more complex than I imagined. To be honest, I felt totally overwhelmed and in desperation sent Sam an email outlining my situation, asking if he could help me write my grievance. Imagine my surprise when I received an email back within half an hour asking him to call him the next morning, which was a Sunday. I can’t imagine a solicitor doing that! Within minutes of talking to Sam, it was absolutely clear that a) he knows his stuff and, perhaps more importantly, b) he’s on your side. Over the space of around an hour he explained in great detail the grievance process, how it’s completely weighted in the employer’s favour and the importance of submitting a solid initial grievance. Sam wrote my grievance letter for me and asked me to send him a statement and a few documents outlining my grievances. His fee was incredibly reasonable, especially compared to what a solicitor would charge and I felt confident that I had made the right decision.

Three weeks later, exactly as promsed, my grievance letter was completed. Sam called me and talked me through the process and then sent me my letter via email. To say it was a masterpiece would be an understatement – I actually broke down in tears after reading it due to the sense of relief I felt. Sam has an incredible way with words and even I, with very little employment law knowledge, could see that the employer was in deep trouble.  Because I am under an NDA I would prefer not to go into too much detail regarding the grievance process itself, but what I will say is that with only Sam’s grievance letter and his ongoing support, I managed to obtain a five figure settlement sum and a decent reference from my former employer. Due to the utmost confidence I had in Sam, I didn’t ever feel the need to refer to a solicitor, even though I was up against the (very expensive) corporate law firm. While they did have a few tricks up their sleeve, Sam has seen it all before and countered them with ease. Within 4 months it was all done and dusted and I walked away with my head held high.  Without Sam, none of the above would have been possible and I cannot thank him enough. There were times during the process where I did have my doubts and felt like giving up, but Sam was always there to offer support. If you are in a similar situation to me, do yourself a favour and contact Sam, I can assure you you won’t regret it.  Thanks again Sam, make sure you let me know when you are next down in my neck of the woods, I owe you a beer (or six)!


January 2016

I came across the formal grievance site in the middle of the night when I could not sleep after submitting my grievance complaint against my employer; who chose not to take the matter seriously.    Upon emailing Sam in the wee hours of Saturday night by Sunday morning I had a response.   We chatted at length on the Monday morning and within an hour I instructed Sam to take forward my grievance. The testimonials on this site are indeed echoed by me.  Sam helped me every step of the way even at my grievance hearing Sam was at the end of the telephone providing full reassurance expertise , guidance and comfort despite me at times being too emotional to talk. Sam is the fighting crusader for grievance processes against employers; he shows empathy and is fully knowledgeable in employment law and leaves no stone unturned.  As a senior manager who was working for a large organisation fighting for reasonable adjustments to be made following my return to work after  cancer.  I would say forget the impersonal high street lawyer.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly and looking for someone to  fight your corner look no further. Despite the pain and anguish my case was settled after two letters written by Sam.   I am now able to move on with my life.    Without him I would be still subdued to the dirty tactics of my previous employer who paid lip service to their policies and statutory law. If you are reading this testimonial as I did, with countless others below, you have nothing to loose but get in touch as I did. Good luck – Sam you are a hero.


November 2015

Hi Sam,
From your loyal  Rottweiler!!! From one day to the other I was escorted off the premises like a criminal. I was suspended pending a disciplinary meeting. I was in a real state; the unfairness, didn’t know what to do. I found online and bought the Grievance Letter. I emailed Sam and he asked me to ring back on a Sunday morning! Sam’s advice and an email to HR led to a quick corridor agreement (they were on the phone the same day). Not sure what I would have done without Sam’s help. For me it is a big goodbye to the corporate world. Never again. Thank you Sam. xxx Rupal from Hampshire.

November 2015

It’s taken me a while to write this, I’ve been so keen to put what has been a very difficult process behind me.  But I do want to say how incredibly grateful I am to Sam for helping me more than I thought possible.  I will keep this brief but I was at the end of my tether at work and just about ready to throw in the towel and resign putting me and my family in a precarious financial position.  I knew I was being treated very badly by my boss but I had no idea whether or not I had a legitimate legal case. When the lawyers provided by my home insurance came back saying I didn’t have a case I thought that was really the end of the line.  One morning I was googling (again) work place harassment and I found the website for Sam.  I felt I had nothing to lose and gave him a call.  He was blunt, tenacious and straight to the point.  More than any of the lawyers I had tentatively explored I knew he would help me.  I was nervous because it’s not the normal process to deal with someone that isn’t a lawyer, but I would recommend Sam to anyone.  My formal grievance and subsequent appeal that I had submitted to my work myself had not had the desired impact at all.  One document from Sam and everything began turning my way.  Within three weeks I was out of the company and had a settlement agreement I was happy with.  It was a horrible period of my life but I’m so pleased I found Sam (and his wife!).  I now have a new job and have put it all behind me.  Thanks again Sam,
Heidi F


November 2015

If you are reading this you will probably now be aware that your current career could be coming to an end. It has probably been happening for sometime and is gathering momentum. You probably have an exemplary performance and attendance record until recently where now you can’t do anything right…work colleagues are distancing themselves from you….Line Manager is giving you his/her undivided attention…. you feel ill…depressed…paranoid…That was me….I had suspected for a while something wasn’t right.

Unfortunately I cannot discuss my situation due to legal constraints but believe it or not I’m one of the lucky ones…I slipped through a tried and tested formula practised by senior management to discard and ruin the lives of people who work within the company.

I found Sam and from the  first time I spoke to him I felt safe. He told me what was happening to me was common and is happening every minute of every day in all walks of life. He told me what I was experiencing with my mental and physical condition was normal for someone  going through this hell…to find someone who understands you is a relief and as you read through the testimonials, there are many people who Sam and his wife Amy have helped and the numbers are growing. Sam understands what you are going through as he and Amy have been in this position…. he views your situation with professionalism and objectivity and is so sharp with Employment Law that he can keep you on course when your employer turns to dirty tactics as I found out from my experience. I and my husband could not have got through this without Sam and Amy. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

You will get through this, both you and you’re family. You will come out this stronger with your head held high and your character and career intact.

Be strong and don’t let them destroy you…don’t let them get away with it!!!.

Thank you


October 2015

Words cannot really express my gratitude for the help you provided me in my time of need, by doing my grievance letter.  You guided me through the landmine grievance process. You never wavered in helping me make the right decisions even though the process took 9 months to resolve. You are a huge support in troubled times and for that I will  be ever grateful to you.
I am now rebuilding my life and able to focus on the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Craig – Hertfordshire


October 2015

I came across Sam quite by accident when I was searching the internet on how to write a formal grievance letter. I contacted him and knew straight away that this man knew what he was talking about and could help me. I was extremely stressed and Sam helped relieve some of that stress with his no nonsense approach and sense of humour (which you need when you are stressed!)

I got the outcome I wanted and am now in a great place, deciding what I want to do next.  I read some testimonies before I called Sam and one of them says something like this. “If he is booked up, wait and if you can’t afford him, save…. I couldn’t agree more, Sam you have been my guardian angel over the past few months and I can’t thank you enough. Keep on with the brilliant work you are doing because you are helping people change their lives for the better. ”
Vicky & Donald


September 2015

I came across Sam’s website, after receiving my grievance hearing outcome letter.  Which quite frankly was a whitewash and a sham.  I’d been putting up with bullying and disability discrimination by my employer, for a number of years.  Then finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and went off sick with stress at work, which then lead to depression. I naively thought that by reporting this matter to my company’s HR dept, that something would get done about this bully, but unfortunately it didn’t! So once I received the outcome letter, I knew I had to appeal their decision.  Initially, I purchased Sam’s grievance appeal letter and read through  it.  It was as if it had be written for me.  Then I rang Sam, who put me at eases straight away.  We discussed my case and I drafted the appeal letter then Sam did the rest!  It ended up being 28 pages long! Suffice to say work ended up offering me a settlement, without the need for an ET claim. I really don’t know what I would have done without Sam’s support and guidance throughout this awful ordeal.  It was so nice to feel like I had someone supporting me and  helping me every step of the way!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam, to anyone.  He has been truly amazing.

Thank you, Sam.


August 2015

Sam has proved to be the best person we could have found in helping us fight my Husband’s employers.  Every step of the way Sam has been understanding, knowledgeable, helped us avoid all the pitfalls and been a friendly ear when we’ve needed it.  Without Sam I do not think my Husband would have secured a decent payout from the ACAS early conciliation service. At times of need, for example when you’re world turns upside down when you are on the brink of loosing your job, you need to have people you can trust and really care about getting a decent outcome for you.  We found Sam really cared about helping bring my Husband’s employment problems to a good conclusion.  Without a doubt, we would not have got through this awful experience without Sam.  Thank you!


July 2015

After having suffered bullying and exclusion by my manager and employer for several years, my health began to suffer the consequences of prolonged stress.  This led me to suffer even more discrimination and harassment as my health and confidence deteriorated.  After 12 months of suffering ill health and discrimination, getting nowhere with meeting after meeting with HR and my line manager, I felt I had no choice but to put in a Grievance.  I was hesitant to do this because I knew that it could turn into the point of no return but felt I had been left with no choice. I was being bullied out of a job that I had been happy at for over 10 years and had to defend my corner. I did a search on “how to do a Grievance letter” and I thank my lucky stars (and Google) for stumbling across Sam Stone’s website.  After reading his testimonials, of which there were many and recent ones at that, I gave Sam a call to discuss my situation. Sam immediately made me feel secure in the fact that he knew what he was talking about. He was so knowledgeable on the subject and explained the law and how my employer had failed me. It was good to have confirmation of what I believed to be the case.  Sam also explained the process from start to finish and the likely steps that the company would take to belittle me and lead me into saying things that they could use against me at a later date. Sam explained that the process was like a game of chess whereby my employer knew the rules of the game…a game of which I knew nothing about. I would always be at the losing end of the game as I had never experienced this before.  Sam guided me every step of the way and every time I got an email from them I would contact Sam for guidance on how to answer the email so as to avoid falling into their traps.  Even still, I was shocked at how low they stooped and the farce in dealing with my Grievance.

My case ended up being filed for a Tribunal, so I retained a lawyer, but my lawyer was not as dynamic as Sam.  I know 100% that if I had not had Sam at the end of the phone or email that I could not have got through this very harrowing and stressful situation. The process took around 8 months in total and there was not one point whereby Sam was not available to guide and advise me night or day. The end result that was achieved would not have been possible without Sams’ guidance and for that I will be eternally grateful.   Sam was worth every penny that I paid him and more! I would recommend that you contact Sam as he will definitely give you the best chance of winning your case.  He will tell you if you stand a good chance or not honestly.  Sam became a lifeline for me and I would love to meet him personally one day to buy him a drink or 2!  I would go as far as to call him a superhero!  I would be very happy for Sam to put us in touch should you wish to speak to me in more detail as I cannot begin to write just how much he helped me.

Eternally grateful in London.


July 2015

“Sam Stone is the patron saint of disempowered employees, no one else is fighting our corner like Sam.
Even though I read the website and the warnings here before I submitted a formal grievance, I expected my employer would take my grievance seriously. I’d worked for them for 27 years, I felt I had some influence, my grievance was justified, I was sure they would listen.  It was a shock to be the victim of a sham investigation, horrible delaying tactics and management lies, they didn’t listen at all and my grievances weren’t upheld. I asked Sam to help me with my appeal letter, we got to 26 pages and it was so satisfying pulling apart my employers grievance response! That was what made them sit up and take notice and I did get heard, I came away with a great settlement but the process took agonising months and is not something I would’ve managed on my own.
On the surface what Sam does is provide employees with tools to help them take on their employer but actually he does so much more. He gave me as much support as I needed, I’d drop him a quick email/text when ever I had a query and he would ping straight back. He was much more cost effective, approachable and knowledgeable than the arrogant solicitor I saw. I got patchy advice from ACAS and no help at all from the HSE but Sam knows what he is talking about. The system is all set up to favour employers who continue to flaunt laws as there is no come back on them but Sam can help you take them on and play them at their own game. I felt he had huge empathy for the emotional strain of my situation but was a straight enough talker to tell me if I was wrong about something.  Its important to me to be able to look back on a traumatic event like the formal grievance process and think I did the best I could in the circumstances. Sam Stone enabled me to do that. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with him. I cannot thank him enough as I am free now.


June 2015

With the thought of a final level looming of works sickness system I knew deep down it could be curtains, but thought hang on, I haven’t done anything wrong, yes I have been sick, but what have they done? Nothing apart from go through the system. They had form for making an example out of people (in my book). So in March time, I think, I googled and found Sam Stone. I was sure I had a case, but then doubted I had. So with thinking is Sam Stone real? You see so many people get conned and the internet is a risk. Well the solicitor I had paid a few hundred pounds too was a complete waste of money, so I took the risk. Pleased? Oh yes I am, VERY. Sam is fab, a real one in a million and very attentive and at cost, he put together a great 16 page grievance letter for me. It was outstanding. There was no way I could have done it. I so wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the powers of be read it. The letter was given in in March 2015. As I write this 22/6/15 the deal is done, I’ve been paid off, without the need to go to tribrunal and that is the end of a very distressing and anxious chapter.  Sam Stone and Amy, thank you for all your help, both with this horrible chapter and for health advise. These 2 are angels and I can’t praise them enough. Sam, I have put your name forward already.

Many thanks & Very best wishes P & K x

May 2015

2014 was the start of the most traumatic, unforeseen and undeserved event of our lives. My husband – an honest, loyal and hardworking man had been subjected to systematic campaign of bullying designed to undermine his health, his career and a job he had dedicated himself to for more than ten years – and all instigated by the firm’s brand new Managing Director.  Matters came to a head on weekend at the end of April.  We were faced with the very real prospect that my husband would be fired first thing Monday morning, having been royally ‘set-up’ by the MD and his team of senior managers the week before.  By the time Sunday morning arrived, we were beside ourselves not knowing what to do, where to turn, what my husband’s rights were or who we might turn to to uphold them.  That’s when I found Sam Stone, quite by chance, trawling Google in an attempt to find a lifeline, any lifeline, any tiny shred of help! In true Sam style, despite the fact that it was Sunday, Sam asked me to ring him (once he’d completed the weekly supermarket assault and tackled the usual household chores). Sam listened, Sam understood, Sam didn’t pay lip service, Sam made us feel as though we were not alone.  He gave a realistic, objective and pragmatic interpretation of our situation and helped us determine what to do next.  He cautioned that a ‘happy ever after’ was unlikely and that my husband, in fact anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, has every right to uphold their principals and stand up for what is right.  To cut a very long story short, Sam was there for us at every turn. Not only does he have an encyclopaedic knowledge of employment law, a canny way with words and an enviable letter writing talent, he’s also is there for ‘the person’- the victim who is afraid, hurt and bewildered. He offers pastoral care that without doubt enabled us to survive, relatively unscathed, what turned out to be eight months of.. well…. Hell, actually. Whether we won or lost (with Sam’s guidance we were able to settle out of court), is not the point.  The point is that without Sam we would have lost the fight even before it began.  Thanks to Sam, my husband was able to hold his head up and take a stand against the injustice of unscrupulous employers and the indifference of the ‘system’.

Anonymous in Cornwall.

May 2015

Hi Sam, I wanted to Thank you for your help and advice with my grievances against my employer. It is finally over, I do not want to look back at the past but looking forward to new beginnings.

It has been very stressful time but your help and guidance made the situation clearer and easier to bear. I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends or family. You have deep knowledge and understanding of the Employment law and how system works. You are also a person who cares about other people who got into a difficult situation and help them to fight unfairness. So thank you very much for all your help! Best regards – Tina

March 2015

I almost feel that writing a testimonial will never do justice to my experience with the man they call Stone. It was pure luck that I chanced upon Sam Stone’s website. Being faced with the end of a successful 30 year career simply through having told the truth was worse than devastating, it was going to destroy me. I knew I had to defend myself and fight back but that’s hard when you don’t have the tools. So that lucky day when I came across seemed like something that made immediate sense. Easy, buy the template and at least I can make a fist of defending myself. And then somewhere I noticed that Sam could do more than provide you with a standard letter…much more. I will remember that day as the start of my new life although at the time my state of health didn’t allow me to have any belief that I could fight and win. Sam talked me through every aspect of my grievance and pending disciplinary. He lived it and breathed it but best of all he believed it. His knowledge of the law would impress the best solicitors and even barristers, but even more of a tribute is his ability to adapt and learn. He is a reflective practitioner whose approach will leave any deviant employer quaking every time the email sound chimes on their computer. My case saw off five HR consultants and their in-house solicitor. The management team, including the CEO had to invest to keep up and that is what is so impressive about Sam. Whereas the unscrupulous employer will attempt to convince you that your rights have not been undermined, Sam holds up a mirror so they get to see each and every flaw as their case came crashing down around them as it did in my case. I can thank Sam for helping me effectively win against my employer, and for helping to ensure that I can continue in my chosen career, and for helping me stand up on my own two feet. The things I would like to thank Sam for are not the things I can share with you, so my friend that will have to remain a secret between us. Use Sam Stone as you get very few chances to fight back whether internally or through employment law, and if you want to fight back then you won’t do better that sharing your story with Sam first. Good Luck
P Cohen

March 2015

For the first time in my career I was forced to start grievance proceedings against my employer. I did not belong to a union until later so I turned to the internet to help me write a grievance letter. In my search Sam’s website came up in the top results and as I read his pages I found them to be so informative and putting other websites to shame that I stopped looking any further. I felt confident that I had found the right help in pursuing my grievance as the pressure lifted off and I felt less helpless. I contacted Sam thereafter for guidance and he reassured me that in his opinion my grievance was classed as discrimination under the Equality Act. I went on to buy the Grievance Letter template and I was so relieved because not only did it help me understand the whole grievance procedure more clearly but it warned me about the loopholes HR would use to protect its employer from liability. I felt the template helped me to stay one step ahead in the game as I began to understand my own rights and the law. I can’t express how brilliant Sam’s grievance letter was that I got a “wow” from my Union Rep. I went on to purchase the Grievance/Disciplinary Hearing template as my case progressed which further aided me to confidently challenge HR and submit evidence at my hearing. I had so much faith in Sam that I had already purchased the Appeal Letter template in advance and when I received my grievance outcome Sam’s template covered what to expect, the next step of action to take and how to put forward a watertight appeal. To say Sam has helped me each step of the way is an understatement with his encouraging advice and support, he truly is an amazing guy and his knowledge on Employment Law is outstanding! Even when I did join the union Sam’s advice took precedent over my Union Rep’s who did not question my confidence in him as he guided me. If you are beginning your journey all I can say is without Sam’s templates I would have put forward a weak case and most likely given up, so by investing in such reasonably priced templates you are already laying down the right foundations in your grievance and giving yourself the best fighting chance to win!
Thank you Sam


January 2015

If you’ve arrived at this page you are probably in the same position I was in 2014. I was suffering from workplace harassment and discrimination, signed off work and lost in a world of grievances and disputes, paying through the nose for lawyer’s fees but feeling like I was going nowhere. I knew I had to write a formal Grievance Letter to my employer, but did not have a clue about how to go about it. I suspected that if I got it wrong, the employer, with their lawyers and HR people paid to do this sort of thing, would find it much easier to dismiss it out of hand. I came across Sam’s site after a google search, and after reading these same references you are now reading, I contacted him hoping that at last I could get some proper real world guidance. I can honestly say it was the smartest move I made and I would not be in the position I am now in without his empathy, support and guidance. The only advice I can give you if you are in a similar situation is just do it, make contact with Sam now. You literally have nothing to lose other than cost of a phone call. Sam has trodden this path with his clients countless times, and can and will help you. He not only helps with the detail of how the process works but also by giving reassurance based on an encyclopaedic knowledge of the process and how employers are likely to behave. He is not a lawyer but he knows the law better than any lawyer I have ever met. You are not alone.
DJ, Berkshire.

January 2015

There could never be sufficient words to express our gratitude to Sam.  I had been subjected to the most awful bullying and harassment and I had exhausted the company’s internal processes (internal sham, formal sham, appeal sham etc..). As it happens a colleague of ours had recommended Sam – yup the employer  had learnt no lessons from past grievances so Sam was familiar with how the company operated and the characters involved which made explaining our case a little easier.  We have also recommended a colleague to Sam since – yup they still haven’t learnt.

Our union was of no help whatsoever, quite often they would undermine our position as they did not have the experience or competence to face up to HR or the senior management team. Sam did. He very quickly assessed the case, anticipated their strategy and gave his unwavering support to us, always at the end of a phone/Skype and even pulling all-nighters in order to arm us with confidence and arguments and rebuttals. Sam understands the law, make no mistake he is more than able to go head-to-head with any HR representative, more importantly he is able to explain the law in a way that is relevant and makes sense. Contacting Sam saved us from ourselves, our mental health and our marriage. Our doubts and fears had made it impossible for us to continue as we felt we were fighting the whole world (company). The biggest compliment we could give Sam is that he can even things up for you no matter who the opposition is. We are thankful some multi-national doesn’t hire him to fight their fires! I once raised this with Sam as a career alternative, he just looked at me and said  “I could never bring myself to work for those ********”. He is for and of the people completely, justice and helping people is what motivates him.  We cannot thank you enough Sam, if only everyone was as generous, decent and moral as you the world would be an amazing place.


January 2015

A friend of mine recommended Sam to me when I was having difficulties at work. These issues had been recurrent for 3 years and I had raised several grievances but the issues persisted and led to ill health due to the bullying and harassment I suffered. Sam responded quickly to my first text and called me later. He listened to all I had to say and was such a sympathetic listener. He then told me that I had a good case although it was quite complex and we started our work together. He was upfront about the cost and he delivered what he promised. Working with Sam gave me an understanding of the law. He was supportive all the way and always had positive words of encouragement for me when I felt very low. Even when I got my lawyer involved, she said I had done a lot of work which made her work easier. I followed Sam’s advice and we reached a favourable outcome. The help I got from Sam was more than I could have obtained from any lawyer. I have not met Sam in person but you can rest assured that you are dealing with someone who is truly professional and genuine. I want to use this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Sam. God truly used you to be a warrior for the weak and a defender of the defenceless.
M and N

December 2014

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the support of Sam Stone at . Not only are the templates really helpful, Sam’s advice and knowledge is truly priceless.

If you have any question whether you can trust the advice from someone “invisible” on a website, this thought can be instantly and resoundly dismissed when you find Sam Stone – a true professional and realist who has vision and restores your belief when you think others are doubting you. Thank you for your assistance in producing a robust formal grievance and appeal letter content that led to the right outcome. At each stage you gave reassurance and solid advice.  Your steadfast resolve helped us through.

Thank you Mr & Mrs S

December 2014

Here I am nine months after and the relief to me grows with each passing day. You gave me support, encouragement and advice which, in hindsight, has demonstrated itself to be the best outcome. Where you differ from others, I believe, is that I have always considered that my basic needs at the time – strength, empowerment, wisdom and knowledge – were being met in abundance, thanks to your support Sam. Looking back on my experience, the journey I was on was extremely difficult. It was – and is – a rocky, choppy, minefield out there, with little time to research what you are dealing with, let alone whom you choose to help you deal with it. That is why, still with incalculable relief nine months later, I still feel compelled to write and let you and readers of your website know just how fortuitously happy I am, to have chosen you at the time. I do not believe there is a person on the planet who could write better for anyone being bullied or victimised at work. Just go with Sam. You won’t regret it.

Alastair, Liverpool.

November 2014

I have just received a five figure settlement sum in connection with the Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation that I had been enduring at work. I had been to hell and back again. I was ill, lost and confused and did not know where to turn. Then I found Sam’s website, I had written (what I immediately realised after reading Sam’s) the most dreadful letter of grievance. Sam’s (15 page) letter was astounding, brilliant – I am convinced that without Sam’s help, I would not have been taken seriously, and that I would not have received a penny.  Sam raised the bar. He understood, he knew exactly what games would be played, and how and when they would be. From my distress, Sam understood what had been, and also what was happening to me-even better than I did myself!  and he knew exactly what to do about it, when I simply did not. Whatever was ‘thrown’ at me – Sam was immediately responsive, he knew exactly what to do. The knowledge that he has cannot be beaten, he was always/always there, always supportive, he was by my side 100% of the way. He kept me strong and got me through the most horrendous ordeal. I did not know Sam when I turned to him- and I was scared, but I am so glad that I put my trust in him, he never let me down. Here is a man who can be trusted and counted upon. He worked tirelessly on my case. I am so glad that I ‘stumbled’ upon his website. It is not an understatement to say that Sam has turned my life back around, and restored my confidence. Now I can look forward and I cannot thank him enough.


November 2014

I first contacted Sam in January 2014 after spending the previous 12 months prior watching my wife’s health deteriorate drastically whilst trying to fight a large multinational company where she’d been employed for 17 years. From the first telephone conversation with Sam I was hooked and knew he was the one that could help us. We had tried solicitors, Union, etc. but no one was actually interested in what we had to say. We thought we had a good case, but just needed someone to believe in us, actually listen to what we were saying and give us some honest and truthful guidance without feeling intimidated, all of which Sam did so well.

In my wife’s case her employer had throughout the grievance procedure tried every unbelievable dirty trick in the book from some serious intimidation/bullying, withholding information, to pretending they always had her interests at the forefront of their treatment of her etc. Sam really knows his stuff about employment law. Sam wrote or talked us through every stage of the grievance process and was so approachable which helped my wife so much as she was ready to give up due to the anxiety and depression she was going though. On many occasions Sam doubled as our therapist and talked us into not throwing the towel in which we are immensely grateful for. I’ll not lie by saying our situation was easy by any means, we lost a couple of the battles, which seriously rocked our confidence, but after speaking with Sam we came back and eventually won the war!! On a happy note, I can say that my wife reached a settlement agreement with her employer. We were both left stunned at the sizeable agreement we reached. We believe that if it wasn’t for all of Sam’s hard work this would never have happened. This testimonial has taken me a month to write after finally coming to terms that this whole horrible situation is finally over after nearly two years. It had taken over our lives and I can’t explain the impact it caused to all of the family, but the best and main thing is I can already see my wife’s health improving. We can’t thank Sam enough for all of his help and hard work and will always be in his debt. What can I say, if it wasn’t for Sam we wouldn’t be where we are today and that’s the truth. Trust and listen to Sam and there’ll be only one winner. As always Sam, thanks for everything.

S & D


October 2014

You were there when I needed help!

You listen to what I had to say;

You were very honest about the cost;

You advice was paramount;

You cared when I went in hospital you sent me a text on the day;

You replied to my emails;

You help me though a journey I didn’t think I could do;

You were there at end of phone on many occasions;

You know employment law  100%;

You cared ……… (Most important ) out of everything !

You were my Angel Sam.



October 2014

I kid you not – this man is a firecracker in the best possible way!  I was facing trumped up charges so that management could render me untrustworthy and therefore unemployable.  I knew what I had said and done in my everyday workplace and found it almost insurmountable to get my own version of events on the table.  My health steadily went down – I lost so much weight that I became borderline diabetic.  My line manager continued her weekly meetings with me, drawing me deeper into her web of deceit and lies which I had to argue against.  At that point I believed there was no way out.  My wonderful and supporting husband found Sam’s website – in desperation at my dire circumstances as I was inconsolable and grief stricken at the treatment I was receiving from such a strong, social care organisation, for whom I had such a high trust and pride in.  I must admit that I did not hold any hope when downloading templates from the website, but when I read what I had downloaded, there was just  a glimmer of well, let’s try this.   Fast forward to many chats with Sam (who was always available at the end of a phone, no matter where he was or what he was doing) and constant communication with the next move, letters to management, what to expect etc.  He was on the money every time, he predicted how management would react and I learned to not only follow his lead, but trust his lead.  The outcome was more than satisfactory – the very Chair of my Disciplinary ensured that I was employed within his Directorate and ironically, I now work within law.  It’s taken me at least 18 months to write this, as it was such an horrendous experience and well, I just had to put down in words how awesome, thoroughly awesome, Sam Stone is.  God bless the man, indeed!

Truly smiling

from Medway

September 2014

I am writing this testimonial in response to the help I have received from Sam.  I never thought I would feel strongly enough to write one for any person, but feel compelled to do so, for this man.  I am not lying, when I state I would have taken my own life had I not come into contact with Sam through his website.  I know it might sound as an exaggeration, but this man has saved my life.  He has been there for me when I had no one to turn to.  Before speaking with Sam, I had spent thousands of pounds obtaining advice from both a solicitor and barrister, and to be honest, in my opinion, it was money wasted.  I cannot state how reasonable Sam’s fees are, when I compare to fees I paid the so-called professionals.   When I received advice from Sam, it was amazing, he made connections and links that so called professional parasites overlooked, and he guided me through each step writing my grievance and appeal letters (and so much more).  I was amazed by Sam’s immense knowledge of the law and his ability to quote statues and authorities from memory.  Sam wrote such amazing letters that my employers’ HR and its legal department finally stood up and took notice of me.   In my opinion Sam’s knowledge and letter writing skills are comparable to that, if not better that a Queen Counsellor.  My success in taking on my employers is all down to Sam; and I will never be able to repay him for giving me back my life.  Sam – thank you sincerely form the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me.


August 2014

I found Sams website by chance when I was looking for help with a work problem.I am not in a union,found the solicitors I spoke to only interested in how much I could pay them,was not getting any answers from the manager concerned or from the HR department….in short lost and very confused. Sam knew what questions to ask and just how to put them in terms that would be understood.The letter he helped me to write to the HR department must have worked as I had a telephone call from the Director immediately (this after months of being ignored) and the issues where dealt with straight away.Sam provided me with impartial advice that helped me to look at the problem in a different way as when you are confused and being treated badly it can be difficult to know what to do.Thank you for talking to me Sam, I appreciate your help very,very much.


July 2014

Dear Sam, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your invaluable help with my recent difficulties with my employer. When browsing the internet looking for advice on writing a grievance letter I came across your website. Having read through some of the reviews I decided I had nothing to lose by giving you a call. I am so glad I did, right from the start you seemed to understand exactly what I was going through you gave me sensible and practical advice. I decided there and then to have you write my grievance letter for me and what a letter it was. I wish I could have been there when the directors read it! Your letter changed everything and from then on your were my life line. The speed of your responses and your expertise was outstanding. There were times when I felt like giving up because of the stress but one call to you reassured me that I had a good case because my employers had behaved appallingly. Every time I called you it was like talking to an old friend and as the situation progressed you provided outstanding responses to my employers letters to the point where you had them running for cover. On Friday as you know we agreed a substantial out of court settlement which was entirely down to you. No solicitor would have given my case the level of attention you did or given me the emotional support. Your charges are so reasonable and your knowledge of Employment and Equality Law is awesome. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. I would happily recommend your services to anyone going through a similar situation as myself. Sincere thanks and very best wishes for the future. A very happy client
R x

June 2014

I found Sam Stone to be brilliant in every sense of the word.  When I found Sam, I was struggling in a very difficult situation at work involving long term bullying and harassment.  I wanted to submit a Grievance but had little idea of how to go about it as the issues were complex.  From the first Sam was supportive, clear, ‘straight-down-the line’, and, of course, extremely knowledgeable about the various statutes and processes involved. He was able to reduce what seemed to me to be be a hopelessly complicated case into a very straight-forward, but nonetheless powerful,submission to my organisation.  Both the Grievance and Grievance Hearing Templates laid the foundation for my submission/s and then Sam suggested some ‘tweaks’ to assist in finalising them.  He always got back to me quickly when I emailed or phoned and mentored me through the whole grievance process with an empathic but no fuss approach.  His fees are extremely reasonable (I don’t know how he does what he does for the price!) and he is transparent about these. My case turned out very well indeed and this was in very large part due to Sam’s assistance.  Sam was my guardian angel throughout a terrible ordeal and I can’t thank him enough.

Sue H

June 2014

I came across Sam Sone when I was looking for help to write a grievance letter. I was in a pretty desperate state of mind. Suffering from work related stress and anxiety which in turn had aggravated my stress related medical condition. I agonised about contacting Sam and the decision to trust a stranger, especially as at this point as I had not only been let down by my employer but my union were a complete waste of time. I cannot express how glad I was that I decided to email Sam and ask for advice regarding a grievance letter. Sam asked me to call him and from that moment on I didn’t feel alone or afraid anymore, I had someone on my side who astounded me with his wealth of knowledge and understanding. He understood everything I told him instantly. His expertise in employment law was incredible. I decided to enlist Sam to draft my grievance letter and at last I felt like my employer had to sit up and listen and believe me they did. Sam told me everything that would happen, he told me how my employer would try to whitewash my grievance and he also told me how we would fight back with a grievance appeal.  It has been 7 months of probably the most stressful time I have ever been through but at last I have reached a compromise agreement without going to the ET. I can at last move forward with my life, I cannot believe how relieved and happy I feel that with Sam on my side I stood firm against a massive employer who had no intention of taking responsibility for their actions, who tried to make me submissive and take away my dignity.  I can only say if you are as desperate as I was, trust your instincts, Sam was everything the testimonials claim he is. You have to trust him he knows what he is talking about. Sam goes above and beyond what you expect, his understanding, empathy and reassurance is priceless. Yes it is his business, he has to make a living but you cannot put into words how Sam goes the extra mile. I felt like I not only had someone in my corner who was going to put up a ferocious fight but a friend who helped me keep everything in perspective.  I have learnt some valuable lessons from Sam, never again would I let anyone treat me how my employer treated me. I have just reached an agreement for an amount that I am happy with but more than anything I have my self respect back and that is priceless.  Thank you Sam. 

June 2014

I found Sam’s website when researching the grievance procedure, having been through many months of hell at work.  I rang Sam to get an idea of the service he offered and was surprised that he spent well over an hour talking it through with me.  I paid him to write my formal letter of grievance – and what a letter!  He picked things up that I would have certainly overlooked, as he is extremely astute in terms of employment law/health and safety, so was able to elaborate those elements and put much more weight behind them.  I was ready to resign on more than one occasion, but Sam encouraged me to hang in there and was with me every step of the way, until finally after 4 months my company offered me a settlement agreement, the outcome being very satisfactory.  I’m so glad it’s over now, and will be forever grateful to Sam for his guidance (and to his lovely wife Amy!).

Gillian from Lightwater

June 2014

When I read the testimonials on Sam’s website, I thought it was too good to be true; however, I was being bullied and harassed at work by my line manager. The situation was totally out of control and I was suffering from severe anxiety as I tried to deal with this and understand my employment rights. I called Sam and he called me straight back.  From that point on Sam Stone was incredible. He understood the issues immediately and helped me with my grievance letter and was there to advise me through a very difficult period.  Sometimes the organisation you work for stack the odds against you: Sam Stone levelled the odds. I am extremely grateful to the service he provides.


June 2014

I found Sam’s page by accident whilst researching how to write a Grievance Letter, my wife was being subjected to the most disgusting behavior by an employer imaginable, the treatment was so bad that my wife suffered a mental breakdown. I emailed Sam and soon afterwards we were discussing the wrongdoings on the telephone, that was the best thing I ever did. Sam’s advice was uplifting, his outlook was positive and his approach to the matter in hand was to go after the bastards and give them a bloody nose. We spent the next couple of months communicating by phone and email, it was always a pleasure to talk with Sam, his knowledge in this field is immense. With Sam in your corner you have more than a fighting chance of beating the employer.

Needless to say, my wife was paid in an out of court settlement. Had she been stronger we would have taken the case all the way through. If your reading this then you have found the right site for righting an employment wrong, Sam has perseverance and tenacity, backed with a knowledge and experience and an unprecedented spirit in supporting the under dog. If you are still in any doubt if Sam is your man and you don’t contact him, you have already lost your case.


May 2014

Sam was amazing! He reviewed my grievance letter over night and responded by the following day. The transformation was astonishing. My employers did not know what hit them. They of course played their games and this became clear when I inadvertently got hold of their legal bill and read the type of work their lawyers were doing on my grievance. It was clear they were doing what they had to. Throughout the grievance process I felt Sam’s letter applied a lot of pressure on my employers. To bail themselves out they offered £25k as a settlement. Sam without you this would not have been possible! Thanks again! A. Ali.

May 2014

I found Sam by chance at the beginning of January 2014 when I was searching the internet for a formal grievance template.  Sam was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to me and thank God I found him!  The solicitor I had originally contacted had no interest in taking on my case and, even worse, was quite scathing.  When you are facing an uphill (or more realistically an up-mountain) struggle against an employer who has treated you badly, as well as trying to find your way through the grievance procedure, then Sam is without doubt your man.  Not only has he got a wealth of legal knowledge but he can also empathise with what you are going through.  He is readily available and provides excellent advice and support.  His letters are incredible – I so wish I had been there to see the look on my employer’s face when they saw my grievance letter!  Thankfully we were able to settle without going to Court and for a healthy sum of money too. Thank you so much, Sam, and I can only endorse what someone has already written about you in their testimonial – you are truly God sent.   Chantal.

April 2014

‘I contacted Sam by email and he called me later the same day. He had read the letter I had sent him and provided expert knowledge and insight into what I needed to improve. He was very clear about the cost from the beginning, and it was more than reasonable. He sent me my reworded letter less than 24 hours after receiving it, and gave me advice as to what timelines I needed to consider when submitting it. The grievance letter was brilliant and contained specific reference to all of the relevant legislation and standards, he obviously has expert knowledge. I feel much more confident now I have this to send to my employer! Thank you for all your hard work!’ Vicki – Leeds

April 2014

Tired, helpless, drained, confused and facing an impossible situation with my employer – yes that was me in January 2014 when I found myself in the midst of an employment situation at work. I was suspended for raising a grievance against few people in senior management. Yes that’s true, instead of listening to my verbal grievance HR gave its verdict very quickly – I was wrong and subsequently started a campaign to drive me out of my employment even in the face of clear and undisputed evidence. I was myself in a management position, colleagues who previously sided with me and the truth, very quickly backed off under pressure. I was facing my employment situation with an organisation that was extremely powerful and had a national and international presence. Employment solicitor I hired in hurry was only concerned with money and demanded money at every phone call I made for advise. Enter I was in urgent need searching desperately for help in writing a grievance letter to my employer, by this time I have lost all my faith in the solicitor who was acting on my behalf. I was already hurting due the lies and the false case that was suddenly erected against me. Please allow me to say this that I am a physically fit well built man and I feel no shame in admitting that I was now weak – physically and mentally. People who read this will know how such an employment situation really feels like – you face it alone – the power of your employer on one side and you on the other side.

I 1000% believe God answered my prayer- I found Sam Stone’s whilst searching for help on the internet. But my situation was like Red sea, if I go back I face the terrible consequences, If I go forward I drown in the Red sea. By this time my employer was already using pressure for me to relinquish and just accept their deal – to take back my grievance and accept their deal which included a quite resignation. I agree with Elizabeth’s testimonial on Sam’s website, that Sam not only advises you “he goes for the kill”.

Sam was my “Legal Angel” very quickly he understood my situation whereby it took me hours to explain to my solicitor what Sam understood in literally half an hour on the phone. He drafted a grievance and whistleblowing letter quoting relevant laws with every point he made and then he laughed confidently at the other end of the phone saying “just forward what I sent you to your employer”. I wish I was in the room when HR managers were reading Sam’s letter, or even better when my Boss was reading it. One can just imagine what they said…. Sam was methodical and his knowledge surpasses even the best employment solicitor. The immediate result was that my employer’s reply tone changed – much more sympathetic and forthcoming. I couldn’t believe this was just one letter Sam wrote. As the time went on and the battle became ferocious my employer used every trick in the book to get out of compensating me, and I mean every trick. However with Sam on my side and his arsenal of sound TACTICAL advice and his letters to my employer cut through this impossible situation and my employer finally agreed to negotiate out of court settlement. Let me say this to all who will at some point in their employment read this – I categorically believe that Sam was Godsend, Sam was divine help sent to me as an answer to my prayer in terrible circumstances.

Sam is an Angel who just happens to have wealth of legal knowledge and not only that he has the ability to write powerful, systematic coherent letters and above all Sam takes personal interest to see that “no body wrongs you”. Sam personal approach to me was a breath of fresh air – which no solicitor or a barrister can ever give me. Sam’s absolute commitment to my cause resulted in my employer finally backing off and agreed to resolve the situation very quickly. I won an all rounded settlement agreement. It is very difficult to describe fully what Sam has done for me. He is a friend who will always be in my prayers as his help was timely and amazing. It really is awesome in the way he applied his legal knowledge to my situation and helped me. Thank you so very much Sam, thank you thousand times. All my friends have noted his website and I recommend him whenever people ask me regarding my employment situation. You think your employment situation is impossible and you don’t know which way to turn-  just think again and contact Sam Stone – well try and see for yourself, you will find out very soon that every praise on this website (mine included) is true by every word. I  whole heartedly agree with people who have written testimonials on Sam’s website suggesting that he should be knighted for all his endeavours to the downtrodden – to help those for whom their doesn’t seem to be help out there in the maze of employment law.
By “The one who thought it was impossible to take on a powerful employer”!
Jonathan *******

April 2014

Before we discovered Sam’s website we were about at the end of our tether and about to concede to the torts of my husband’s unscrupulous employer. In such a short space of time since contacting Sam, he has given us the encouragement, instruction and guidance to completely turn tables on the employer and now they are on the receiving end. Believe me, any employer will get more than they have ever bargained for.  It is the fastest service we have ever had, and we really feel taken care of.  What we have appreciated about using Sam’s services is not only his tenacity and wealth of knowledge, he truly delivers what he promises and so much more in understanding and compassion too. We can say with confidence that we believe that anyone who chooses to contact Sam will have an equally positive experience. Our very grateful thanks Jane & Scott.

April 2014

If you are reading this it is probably because you are facing an employment crisis. I was in your situation six months ago and it was truly one of the darkest times in my life. Sam Stone was a beacon. I can only say that if you are willing to put your trust in Sam from the start, I believe he can and will help you reach safety. For me, the experience has been kind of like having a big brother around when you’ve been bullied in the school yard, but in my case every ‘punch’ packed a point of law that Sam fully understood would get my employers to back down. I really wish I could have been in the room when those ********* (I think anyone reading this has his/her own adjective for their respective employers) read the grievance letter! Everyone – from the Citizens Advice Bureau to a highly recommended Employment Solicitor who read through Sam Stone’s grievance letter he custom drafted for me stated that it was, unequivocally, Teflon. And it was. I’m now safely out of a situation that frankly could have wrecked my career.  A few other things you need to know: it was necessary for me to seek additional consultation from Sam because my employers kept kicking out right to the very end. If you find yourself in a similar situation, keep going. Trust the process. Sam is extremely good at gauging a situation. He estimated my employers would drop by March 2014 and they did. I’m glad that Sam remained engaged in the work to the end, e.g. letters and discussion, not least because his confidence that I would be alright and his sense of humour really helped me get a grip. I genuinely doubt you would get support like this from anyone else who does this for a living. The other thing to know about Sam is this: while I appreciate he is doing this for a living, I also believe he does this because he is a warrior ‘for justice’. Thank you, Sam. Fight on!

 March 2014

Sam, I had initially submitted my first grievance on the 18th of December 2013 and my employer had ignored it. You did an updated version  for me, and because of your help things seem to be moving. I know it’s not over yet but since you involvement, the company now treats me with a bit more respect and that’s all down to your help with the grievance letter. When l first saw testimony’s on your wall l thought people where exaggerating but you are truly God sent. I am grateful and l know its the beginning but your involvement has certainly made a massive difference already. Thank thank so much. Look forward to working with you once HR sends the written investigation. Thank you  

March 2014

First of all, I secretly believe Sam is a retired employment Barrister  who has decided to help the regular person. Sam lives and breathes employment law. He is quite extraordinary; in my situation he has consistently empathised with me. I am confident he can do the same for you. f you’re anything like me, I recommend that you:
• stop dreaming or hoping that one day your employer will decide to say  “sorry” and treat you correctly
• bypass any half-hearted union representation (if that’s your  experience ), and get Sam on the case
In my opinion Sam serves individuals who do not have money to burn, that are experiencing a significant employment injustice/conflict. Quite simply, Sam has been a huge stabilising force during my employment  crisis. Both my family and I have suffered immensely over the last year.  I have literally spoken with Sam every week since the middle of 2013. At times we have spoken every day. There is no lawyer or union  representative who is going to offer you that level of service. His energy levels are quite astounding. Sam will get serious about your grievance without you spending tens of thousands. In my case the settlement he helped us achieve has enabled my family to pay off debts and start over. Clearly, all cases are different however; if you have not got tens of thousands to burn there is no question in my mind that Sam Stone is your best hope. I don’t do hero worship, but this man has certainly earned my utmost respect. Thank you Sam and Amy, I hope to stay in touch.
‘Big Guy’ and Family!

January 2014

Hi Sam, I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and support since I started my Grievance back in the month of March.  All the paperwork you have drafted and done was really good.  It was a very long and stressful 9 months before everything got sorted by a Compromise Agreement, but I don’t think I would have made it without your help.

 January 2014

I found Sam’s site by accident when researching how best to write a formal grievance letter, and I am so glad that I did. As well as being extremely knowledgeable, Sam was also able to provide me with much needed support and encouragement. With Sam’s help and expert guidance, I was able to secure a significant payout from the WORST company I have ever worked for.


January 2014

After reading Sam’s testimonials we contacted Sam to help us with a very difficult work situation that was going on for a number of years. To cut a long story short, my employers had ignored, and to be quite frank, totally rode roughshod over my lifelong debilitating bowl disease. That’s when we contacted Sam. I’d filed my grievance to my employers, and as anyone who’s been in our situation is aware, it was totally whitewashed. My employer had put not only myself through hell, but also my partner as well-we had suffered. We can’t begin to put into words our appreciation, but when Sam took us under his wing, that’s when things really started to change. Now Sam knows his stuff, believe me! Sam was there to block every move my employers tried to make, and believe me, they tried every dirty trick in the book!!  To us, quite honestly, Sam has been our rock, without his unrelenting support and guidance we would of just given up because of my illness. I know Sam is not a solicitor, but when it comes to employment law/rights, Sam really knows his stuff. There were so many times I was ill and ever so depressed and wanted to quit, but Sam was always there to support us and guide us through the whole daunting process. My employer settled out of court for a very sizeable amount!  Myself and my partner would strongly advise anyone reading this who’s been treated badly by there employer to contact Sam ASAP as this man not only cares about his clients, but also he cares about people, we owe you so much Sam, we will never forget what you’ve done for us, you are a real genuine lovely guy. There’s not of people who go out there way to help people like us, day and night, even weekends….he’s always there. God bless you Sam – Peter and Sian.

December 2013

Disability Discrimination is an issue that Sam not only understood fully from a legal standpoint but also understood fully how the harassment and discrimination makes you feel. My experience was sadly not uncommon but Sam understood my employment experience and issues on a level as if he had lived it with me. It is without hesitation I recommend the Formal Grievance service as being the authority in dealing with poor employers, vicious solicitors and HR personnel. Employer’s who believe they can exploit their position to use, mock, degrade or bully you are about to be served what I can only describe as something they will NEVER forget when you enlist Sam on your team. I saw my employer transform from a confident bully into a quivering wreck by the time Sam and I had finished. The feeling of achievement is overwhelming.

November 2013

If you’re reading this page you might find the praise quite  extraordinary and rather unbelievable.
Well, I can honestly say I have found it to be all true. Frankly, you  purchase much more than templates and a carefully constructed grievance / appeal documents. You’re buying a high level employment law strategist and legal thinker.  Sam consistently under promises and over performs. His content is  fearless, bruising, but extremely effective. I can’t recommend Sam highly enough. However, I must say to any  potential customer you will need buy into Sam’s guidance. Employers can  become remarkably contemptuous. And, if this is your first time in conflict of this nature you will struggle to survive without Sam’s in-depth support. Please do not be fooled into believing you can do this  work yourself. This is not guess work. Sam delivers a well-honed  response all of the time. Put short, if you can’t afford it, save; and if he is not available, wait.  It will be worth it.

October 2013

I cannot thank you enough for the help and support you have given me over the last 18 months. I discovered your website at one of the most difficult times in my life and you helped me see the wood for the trees. Your website is undoubtedly the most extensive resource on the Internet and you are clearly passionate about helping others. Without your help and support I would not have been able to challenge the army of HR staff that were determined to prevent me from properly airing my grievance. Most of all though, you have always been available, whenever I’ve needed to speak to someone and you helped me to remain confident with my convictions. Thanks to your help I managed to settle out of court and two months later I feel a different person. My solicitor said I had already done most of the legwork but it was you that did this for me, with your extensive resources, knowledge and an obvious passion for helping people in difficulty.
The very best regards

September 2013

Where do I begin! Sam you are a true hero. I had never been in the position where I needed to seek help on my employment situation.  I first contacted Sam way back in 2012 and from that moment on you have been my life line. Always available, very supportive and your knowledge is endless. Over the past two years my life and work has been turned upside down. My union were terrible to say the least, not interested or worth me bothering with. You came on board with your support and you were amazing. I could not ever of been able to have managed these two years without the endless support you have given. I completely trusted you and the things you said.   After two long years of running back and forth to you for help and support and letter writing,  I finally saw my time in the Employment Tribunal Court in Birmingham, where after representing myself I won my case and was awarded compensation. May I just say I am so pleased that I had this opportunity to have you on my side to help me with the grievance and disciplinary procedures, which I faced. The grievance letter you wrote for me was fantastic. It was used through the whole trial at the Tribunal. Without those letters and your constant support things could be so different. You are cheaper by far and so much better than any legal person that I have come into contact with. I truly cannot express my sincere thanks to you Sam.
Paula (Staffordshire).

September 2013

I found myself in an unfortunate position  whereby I had to raise a grievance against my employer. Working with Sam for 3.5 months, resulted in compensation that I would never have got had I done this on my own, or indeed through a UK lawyer in my opinion. I managed to reach a compensation agreement 3 times more than my solicitor told me I would, with Sam’s help. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. His  in-dept knowledge of UK Employment law, his approach, guidance and support is exactly what you need to take on your employer. To finish up my testimonial, a grievance case is a very tough process to go through.  Prepare yourself to be challenged by how nasty employers can get when you raise a grievance. Not to worry though as working with Sam will mean you can achieve the results I did. Go get em with Sam at your side!”


July 2013

Having a disability and having to manoeuvre a minefield of Equality and Disability Law, I took on Sam’s help and have never looked back since. I went the extra step and had Sam write my Grievance Letter and Grievance Appeal. My company duly settled out of court for a substantial sum. The only time it took was to get together the facts for Sam and let him work his magic! Throughout the process as you get correspondence from your employer it can get very confusing but Sam was only a call/email away to assure me that its not a problem and what they were trying to do. I would recommend Sam to anyone having an issue at work and needs help to resolve it.

June 2013

What can I say?  From September onwards I was in a very bad place, trying to keep it all together following my Father’s death and dealing with my employers who were using every trick in the book to bring me down.  Then I came across Sam’s website and the clouds started to lift.  First I downloaded the letter template, which was the start of the road towards justice.  My employers, as suspected, carried on with their antics, trying to ignore what I was doing and no doubt hoping that I would just go away.  Sam has been there at every turn, advising me and telling me not to give up hope as they will tie themselves in knots to my advantage.  His knowledge and expertise is second to none.  I had consulted solicitors who advised me that my case was not strong enough.   I cannot speak highly enough of him and would recommend him to anyone.   THANK YOU SAM

June 2013

I feel compelled to write about Sam Stone.  He is a man that you can rely on.  I found his website by chance and contemplated whether or not to contact him.  I told my husband about the site and asked what he thought.  We agreed I had nothing to lose.  My employer had been acting as judge, jury and executioner and I was now off sick with work related stress developing into severe anxiety, panic disorder, social disorder and depression.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a stoic lady but I had been worn down by my unscrupulous employers whom I had worked for 13years.  My husband called Sam and spoke to him for over an hour.  I had already been through the disciplinary and appeal processes and did not know where to turn next.  Sam Stone is the equalizer as far as I am concerned.  I no longer feel I am being battered down by my unscrupulous employers, Sam Stone equalled the fight.  As I had little time left before the 3 month minus 1 day rule lapsed Sam drew up a grievance letter for me that I can honestly say was my ‘Rocky’ moment.  I was able to deliver a blow worthy of any contender.  He answers any queries my husband or I might have and although we are not at the end of the process I know that with Sam’s knowledge, skills and help I will obtain some form of justice.  He is selfless in his ability to champion and encourage employees like me who have been beaten down by unscrupulous employers’ tactics.  Sam’s fees are reasonable and that has enabled me to fight my corner.  Without Sam Stone I would not be in the position I am in today.  Don’t feel dejected, beaten down and out.  Pick up the phone or e-mail Sam Stone, he is the man that can help.  I have no doubt that with Sam’s help I will get a result that favours me and not my employers.
El****,  Berkshire.

May 2013

Dear Sam
Thank you Sam from the bottom of my heart!  I do not know how I would have coped throughout my ordeal without your professional expertise, guidance and support.  You were there for me every step of the way in the grievance procedure.  God bless you and all you hold dear.
Pxxxxxxxx from Hampshire

May 2013

Hi Sam

Just a quick message to say that I have found you supportive and helpful with regard to discussing my employment issues. As an HR professional myself, I still found your templates extremely useful as they get straight to the point with great reference to employment law. It is very easy when writing a grievance letter to ramble or be led by emotion. Your template ensures the argument is put forward in a concise and direct way.   I also think it was extremely good of you to spend time speaking to me at short notice. I wish you and you website the very best as it is a great alternative to going to a solicitor , which can cost an extortionate amount.

Thanks Dave

May 2013

I was about to attempt the task of writing a grievance letter and didn’t know where to start! I came across Sam’s Website of formal and read the information on the website, it explained you should make sure you include the law into your letter. After reading this I spoke to Sam and from our conversation trusted my instincts to hire Sam to help me in writing my grievance letter. A decision that was the best I made! I would never have got the result I got without using Sam. I thank Sam for his work and if I ever go through this in future, he would be the first person I would want to help me. Anybody thinking about calling upon Sam for his services, don’t delay just do it! You won’t regret that decision.

March 2013

Sam was an absolute Godsend to me. From the moment I read his online grievance letter and other testimonials, I knew I had to get in touch with him and I am so glad I did. I felt I was at the end of the road and I was about to walk away from my job after months of discrimination and harassment which had led to my ill health physically and mentally. I had lost all my confidence and thought everybody was against me but Sam was one person who understood what I was going through. I was able to rely on him for good guidance and guidance which helped get me through the huddles of dealing with my grievance. His knowledge of the law far exceeds any lawyer I have dealt with.  I am now very well informed of my rights as an employee and I no longer have to be a victim again. I am spreading the good news that Sam is the man for anybody who needs help with submitting a grievance due to discrimination, bullying, harassment or similar issues at work! Thank you, thank you and God bless you Sam. I cannot thank you enough!

Theresa, London

March 2013

If James Bond had a grievance letter among his many gadgets, it would have been written by Sam Stone. I absolutely love this guy to bits. He has helped me and many of my friends who would have been victims of workplace injustice. Solicitors go for the easy win and easy money. Sam goes for the kill. I developed diabetes in my previous job due to my unsupported hidden disabilities however I managed to reverse it after strict dieting and hard exercise. I soon started a new job and the company did not make reasonable adjustment for my impairments. This resulted in me devolving high blood pressure and the diabetes came back. I searched for help by contacting the usual public bodies who turned out to be as useful as a glass hammer. I was depressed and in a state of panic with no hope of survival. I contacted Sam and he wrote me a Grievance/Whistleblowing letter. To say that this letter was impressive would be an understatement. The letter was a cross between death by a thousand cuts and the bamboo method. When the director read it, he must have felt like it was a shard of glass going through his eye……very slowly.  Sam helped me out through all stages of the process. Because of my impairments, I needed a bit of emotional support and confidence. Sam spoke to me and helped me get my head straight before the encounters with HR and I will always be grateful to him for this. Things got resolved at work very quickly thanks to Sam. With Sam on my side I am now confident in taking on any nasty bullying employers because I know I will come out on top. Forget the unions; forget the public bodies and mediation, if you want to win, use Sam’s letters. P.S. Sam should be knighted for his services to the downtrodden. P.P.S. All people out there with dyslexia or any other neuro-diverse condition should defiantly use his letter because you are at a higher risk of detrimental treatment at the hands of the employer. It is not just a grievance letter, but some sort of insurance against further ill treatment. Elizabeth x

March 2013

I had been bullied by two managers at work for a sustained period of time, and my health was beginning to suffer. The more time I missed at work, the more my managers harassed me. It was a vicious circle and I saw no way of breaking it other than walking away. Luckily I found Sam’s website, and from that moment things only improved. From the first time I spoke to Sam, I knew that I was speaking to somebody who actually cared and who had the knowledge and experience to help me right the wrongs that were being done. Sam helped me write my grievance letter and it was quite obvious from my employer’s response that we had already started to tie them in knots. Sam was at hand to draft eloquent and powerful responses to my employer. Sam was always at the end of the phone, and when things got tough….and they will, Sam was reassuring. I also know that Sam would have told me to walk away if he thought my case wasn’t strong enough. Sam needs to make a living, but money isn’t everything to him. Sam’s knowledge of the law, his ability to write powerful and coherent letters and his determination to see that justice was served meant that my employer offered to resolve the matter before it went to court. If any of this sounds familiar, get in touch with Sam. You won’t regret it.

March 2013

Sam has been an absolute Godsend for me. I was in such a bad mental state through my employers not dealing with my bullying line manager and his being backed-up by his manager. I was suspended and signed off sick. My employers were intent of sacking me as my “face no longer fit”. I had all but given up and had resigned myself to being given the boot, as I didn’t understand the game my employers were playing.  After spending a huge amount of money on a London solicitor who expressed little interest in my case, I was at my lowest ebb. My girlfriend found Sam’s website and we never once looked back after that. Sam was a pillar of strength, offering excellent guidance and encouragement all along. He was so inspiring and his knowledge of employment law is outstanding. I can say that without Sam to help steady the boat, my relationship may well have ended due to the huge stress and anxiety involved. In fact my girlfriend is still using Sam’s services now in a dispute with her employers. We feel very secure that Sam is giving us the correct guidance and he goes above and beyond in being there to guide us through the process. I have recommended Sam to any friends who have mentioned difficulties at work. I would no hesitate to call him immediately if you find yourself in trouble with your employers.My case is now settled and I am very happy with the result. I have moved on to rebuild my life and my relationship and am now pursuing my real passion in life. Thank you Sam.  Cheers buddy

February 2013

What can i say about Sam. It’s very difficult to put into words what Sam has done for me the last few months or so. My problems with my employer finally seem to be coming to an end and Sam has been there for me and my family all the way. When things were really getting to me emotionally and pyschologically he was there to pick me up, lift my spirits and push me along. All the time he was positive and re-assured me time and time again not to give in and that my employer will settle. And he was right. My employer were using every cheap trick in the book to cause me endless problems and threats so to scare me in order that i drop my claim. Sam was way to smart for them and had answers to everything they could throw our way. Got to be honest I nearly chucked the towel in a few times but Sam was there for me. Although I have never met Sam I can honestly say that I now see him as a good friend who I will forever be greatful. Put simply if it was not for Sam I would never have got through my ordeal. Lesson for everyone who is currently working with Sam on their respective cases please please please listen to exactly what Sam says and trust him explicitly  and whatever you do DON’T give up. It will be tough at times, trust me, but have faith and belief in Sam Stone. His knowledge and passion for employment law is unbelievable and he is worth  every penny. He sees things in the grievance procedure which are unreal and words responses in such a manner that makes the employer and their solicitor look silly. God bless you mate – L**

January 2013

Hi Sam, firstly let me take this opportunity in thanking you for you for assisting me in obtaining a satisfactory compromise in the persuance of my employer. Your guidance and expertise were excellent, you were always available to talk at short notice and your response time for corrsspendence was excellent. My employer has now finalised the compromise agreement and paid the money as agreed. I can now put this horrendous experience behind me; something I don’t think would have been possible without your help. If any of my friends or family ever finds in a similiar sifuation I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Again thank you for your help. I hope that i can now put this bad experience behind me and enjoy the rest of my life. Kind regards J** – Wiltshire

January 2013

After my being involved in 2 road accidents in less than 5 months whilst working, I also saw another motorist killed in front of me. My friends and family realised I had considerable problems. I didn’t! My manager was aware of my problems and piled on the pressure. Setting ever more targets and criticising my performance at every opportunity, he began my employer’s disciplinary procedure. As complainant, judge and jury, he issued a ‘Final Written Warning’ within 12 weeks on the day before I visited the doctor. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and work related stress. The doctor gave me a ‘fit note’ for 2 weeks in August 2012 and this has been extended to end of January 2013. I had thought about resigning to end the hassle. In November 2012, the company wrongly put me on SSP. A solicitor specialising in employment law who demanded pre payment for 4 hours of her time, to read my documents. Any extra work would cost £178.00 per hour in advance. I decided to write a ‘Letter of Grievance’ myself and used Google to find some guidance. Sam’s website was 1st on the search results and offered a grievance template letter for £12 which I bought. I talked to Sam and it was instantly obvious he knew how to handle the process. Preliminary letters and a specific ‘Letter of Grievance’ were drafted by Sam. These documents were submitted just before Xmas 2012. The company suddenly agreed to use the ACAS conciliation service. It took 3 weeks for an agreement to be reached. A substantial agreed sum has been paid to terminate my employment and I can now get on with my life. This would not have been possible without Sam’s expertise. I recommend anyone with an employment law problem to use him. R****** from Manchester.

January 2013

I first contacted Sam in October 2012. I found myself in a difficult position with my employer that I could not have ever dreamt possible after all of my hard work and commitment. During a 10 month period I had suffered two pregnancy losses and was informed that IVF treatment was my only option to start a much wanted family. Following my return to work after my second absence I was subjected to a series of discrimination acts and harassment by my direct manager. I was a senior manager myself and although I knew what was happening was wrong I wasn’t able to see it in relation to employment law in the way Sam did when we spoke. I was signed off as unfit to work by my doctor following 10 weeks of this discrimination. Sam talked me through what he saw in my case, what I liked about Sam was his direct approach, he was matter of fact and realistic with me at every step. I helped Sam with collating the facts in my own words and then he wrote my grievance letter. He also wrote my appeal letter to their response. I was made 3 offers by my employer, the final one amounted to a year’s salary and this offer was made within 1 week of them receiving my appeal letter. It is difficult to put in to words the help and support Sam gave me during this time, he was always available via e-mail and would consult with me before I spoke with my employer. There is no doubt at all that Sam was the fundamental reason I have now settled my case and can move on from this awful experience. I learnt a lot from Sam and have no regrets whatsoever in using his skills and experience. All the very best and thanks once again for a brilliant result, I couldn’t have done without you. Jane

Sam, what people have written on your testimonials page is right. I learnt more from you in 20 minutes on the phone than the solicitors I paid for guidance.


Dear Sam – We have just resolved my wife’s employment issue which has finally had a reasonable outcome. I have to say that it was the excellent guidance you provided, and in particular the grievance template which provided the basis for the positive end result. I would like to thank you on behalf of us both for your excellent guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone experiencing employment problems. Best wishes – C****

This year Sam came to my rescue and saved my day. He is a very approachable, kind and compassionate man. Which is exactly what you need if you find yourself bullied by a corporate giant! A couple of years ago, I went through a nasty non-work related trauma which led to me suffering a bout of PTSD and severe depression (my employer was aware). I thought I had recovered but when my employer used my personal life (my trauma) against me, I found myself suffering a re-occurrence of both illnesses. After my employer refused to make any allowances to separate my ‘harraser’ and I, I searched the internet for help and found Sam. He immediately told me that I had suffered discrimination and I was covered by the Disability Act (no one else I had spoken to, including ACAS, saw the link between the 2 events). He wrote my 13 page grievance letter. Well done to Sam for another case solved before court! Thank you so much for your help this year – you are a true gentleman!

Denise, London.

Sam’s guidance and support has been invaluable to me during an extremely difficult time. His knowledge has been vital in correspondence with my employer over the last few months and has given me the confidence to take my employer to tribunal. Sam has worked extremely hard on my grievance and knowing he is always there for guidance is very comforting. I would urge anyone who is having difficulties with their employer to contact Sam, he is extremely personable and with his help you can fight your employer and win!


‘I contacted Sam in June 2012 after deciding i wanted to take action against my employer. I briefly explained my situation on email to Sam who responded very quickly and suggested i bought his template aid for writing a grievance. I did so and Sam then looked over it for me before i sent it off. From there on in Sam helped me through the whole process, whether it be responding to letters or just giving me advise all the time. Sam was always available and extremely reliable. I was unsure about paying somebody upfront for letters to be done but i put my trust in Sam who assured me it would be OK and it was, on several occasions. My issue is still on going and i am still in contact with Sam for guidance. I can honestly say i would not have been able to get to this stage without his guidance. I truly do appreciate it and would recommend him anytime.’

I was totally stuck in dealing with a serial bully who was essentially stopping me from doing my job and preventing me from implementing my duty of care to other staff. Sam helped me see the wood for the trees, and guided me through the procedural stuff and legal case law resulting in me raising a formal grievance. I’ve wanted to back out on many an occasions but he’s been there all the way keeping me strong and helping me stand up for what is right and honourable. Thanks Sam an invaluable service. Anonymous.

I recently found myself in a situation where I had to make a formal grievance against my employer. I was recommended to use Sam by a friend and I was incredibly impressed by his expertise, support and tenacity. He helped me to understand the process and support me through the times I wobbled as this can be an unpleasant process. With Sam’s help I secured a payment from my ex employee and was able to walk away with my head held high. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone. Thank you Sam for all your help.

It’s simple with out Sam’s guidance and guidance I would have given up. A Huge company verses little me….how wrong I was, Sam had them tied up at every turn, always available for guidance and a bit of confidence building. Sam became that mate you could rely on. Don’t get me wrong it was still a battle but I had someone in my corner. In the end it was the company who gave up and the matter was settled. My wife and I can now get on with our future and the stress has gone…and yes it’s down to Sam..thanks mate.


“The best thing about Sam Stone and his business is that he has gone through this process himself so he understands the emotional roller coaster that one goes on when they find themselves in this situation. Sam is supportive and understanding as well as incredibly knowledgeable. If you find yourself in a position where you need to invoke the grievance procedure talk to Sam first he truly is one of the good people in this world. Thanks again for all your support Sam I truly could not have got through this without you.”


After working very successfully for my firm for over five years I was suspended from duty earlier in the year. I contacted Sam Stone via his website and he assisted me in lodging a grievance procedure against my Senior Management. I found Sam’s knowledge of the law and how to apply this knowledge to best effect, absolutely second to none. The support offered by Sam was exceptional and because of his expertise, all allegations made against myself by the company were withdrawn and we were able to agree upon a suitable settlement figure. I extremely grateful and very appreciative of all the work Sam put in to bring my case to a conclusion. Thank you very much Sam.


My testimonial: If you ever find yourself needing help to raise a grievance against your place of employment you should seek the help of Mr Stone. He offers genuine help that enables you to fully present your grievance in the most coherent and professional manner. There’s no need to feel alone: there is help.You can present your case. And you can get justice if you have been wronged


Sam, I Just wanted to put my appreciation on record for all your help through my wife’s grievance, starting with the grievance letter template, your assistance with the numerous correspondence exchanged with my wife’s obstinate employers’ and the countless telephone conversations during which you offered great guidance. There was great warmness and empathy in the way you interacted with me, especially on the phone which often felt like speaking to a very close friend … you are a true gentleman!

God bless, London.

I found the Formal Grievance website by chance whilst looking for a decent grievance letter template online for my wife. I decided to spend the £12.00 (unbelievable value, Sam it’s worth so much more) to download the template. As soon as I started to read through the wealth of information, I knew I had come to the right place. My wife was a union member, but the guidance she had received from her representative had been at best, wishy washy! With a few questions I had regarding compiling my wife’s letter, I phoned Sam and he simply astounded me with his vast knowledge and expertise on employment law. Within days, he had assisted us in compiling what I can only describe as ‘the mother of all grievance letters’! My wife’s employers had previously brushed her aside in any protestations she had had regarding their unfair treatment of her, but in short, the grievance letter tied them up in knots to such a degree that they asked her to settle financially. Sam, you are brilliant, and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help and guidance with my wife and I on this. I genuinely feel privileged to have dealt with you, and wish you all the very best for the future.


Churchill once wrote ‘Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat.’

Before I found Sam Stone’s website, I spent 7 months in a battle of attrition against my employer. In that time I never had a victory. What ever I did, whatever tactic I employed, made no difference. The company outmanoeuvred me at every turn. It was the lowest point in my life and I knew in my own heart that I was beaten. I was literally a few weeks from being given the boot. I was the victim and I was still being victimised.
Then I had my own Alamein. I found Sam Stone.
After Sam Stone became involved I never had a defeat. He read through my case and told me he could help. His guidance still rings in my ears, despite a full year passing since I made the phone call. He told me it would be a difficult journey, one that would test the very fabric of my resolve and one that would be painful and fraught with uncertainties. But, and this is important, he told me that the employee was protected by very powerful laws, and he could help me. Boy was he right. Over the months Sam gave the sort of support you expect from a member of your closest family. He combined his encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and his ability to dissect the most relevant points of the case and link them to the law to outmanoeuvre my employer at every step of the journey. I placed my complete trust in Sam, listened to the choices he presented to me at all times. I never thought the pain would be over. It lasted nearly two years and in that time I lived it over and over in my head. I had the resolve but I didn’t have the knowledge. One without the other is like a gun without the bullets. Sam gave me the ammo. If you have any doubts about whether you should make the phone call to Sam, maybe you are embarrassed or ashamed at what is happening to you, maybe it feels so personal that you want to put your head in the sand and hope it all goes away, then take my guidance. Pick up the phone. Entrust your problems to my good buddy Sam Stone, and you will look back at the moment you make the phone call and be reminded of the quote from Winston Churchill.

Sam – I would like to thank you for your help regarding my work situation. Your website has enabled me to get a good solid understanding of the grievance procedure and together with your guidance I feel much better and confident about how to progress with the next steps. Thank you again for taking the time to speak to me.


Firstly, I just want to thank you Sam and let you know how grateful and total appreciative I am for all your help and support during these past few difficult months, you are definitely a guardian angel…I came across Sam’s website a few months ago when I was absolutely desperate for genuine and honest guidance regarding my work situation. I was feeling vulnerable and unwell due to how appalling I had been treated, being bullied and harassed by my employer. Sam is so knowledgeable in Employment Law. I would highly recommend contacting him in the first instance for employment issues and procedures – he is definitely without question the top of his game. He is an attentive listener and easy to talk to and has the professional ability to help you to understand legal terms and most of all genuinely cares. He explained the whole process in detail and what I could expect to happen. He is prompt and guides you step by step and he is always there for any follow up guidance that you need after submitting your grievance. I feel so lucky to have come across Sam, because I know that without him I would not have had the courage or confidence to fight my Employer for justice. Thank you so much Sam, I will always be grateful for your understanding and kindness.

God bless you. Alison

Sam helped me when nobody else was willing to do so. I can recommend him to anyone in need. Many thanks!’


I came into contact with Sam through his website At the time I was about to submit my grievance letter which I had drafted myself (in an essay form). I had also consulted a solicitor for a free half an hour consultation. After going through Sam’s website and speaking to Sam on the phone, I realised what a mistake I would have made by submitting my formal grievance letter in its current state. I spoke to Sam and straight away knew this was a guy who had suffered my pain. Sam agreed to look at my letter and told me the problems with it. To cut a long story short I handed over the task of drafting the grievance letter to Sam at a reasonable fee. I now feel it is the best investment I have ever made. I realise that due to Sam’s passion I got a lot more then I bargained for. Due to my ill health Sam also helped me write letters to my employer and provided additional guidance. He became my support and a true friend during this very difficult time and was always available on the phone. Working with Sam it feels like he is your partner and friend, always available at the end of the phone (including weekend). Never ever have I heard from Sam the words “I am busy call me back”. During my grievance process I suffered heart attack and Sam was always there for me. Sam you are a true gentleman and human being with big heart, kind and passionate. Thank you very much and best of luck with your existing and future clients. I look forward to working with you again as my case progresses.

Kind Regards – Simon (Manchester)

Hi Sam, Many thanks for your time over the phone yesterday, it was much appreciated and exactly what I needed during this difficult time. It was good & reassuring to know I have somebody on my side to help me deal with my company. I also want to thank you for helping me with my grievance letter, it looks fantastic especially the wording and reference to the relevant law cases. I will definitely be seeking your guidance and guidance once the grievance process is underway. Take care and speak soon.

Lak – Birmingham

Sam, from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this very dark time. I felt utter dispair facing this alone. You have been a star and I really cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Kind regards Linda

Dear Sam, Firstly, really appreciate the effort you are doing to keep your website full of absolutely great content. It is very informative and to the point. I believe I have made one of the best purchases by buying your Grievance Letter Aid. I wish I found you earlier when I raised my original grievance, nevertheless, I hope an addendum to my grievance would make the desired impact.


Sam, you are one of lifes true gentleman.


I would highly recommend that Sam is the first call of port for anyone experiencing a grievance with their employer and needing a grievance letter. Although I had sought the guidance of a solicitor specialising in employment law, it was not until I came across the formalgrievance website and contacted Sam directly, did I get the right assistance and guidance. Sam was there to guide me through the grievance letter which made my employer respond in the correct and proper way. The formalgrievance website is extremely informative and focuses on the legal issues and procedures. I will always be grateful that Sam was there to advise me when my employers were behaving appalling and I was able to move on from my awful experience with the University that I was employed by. It is difficult enough for an employee to take on an institution, particularly one that has an endemic bullying culture, but with Sam’s assistance, I did just that and did it successfully.


Following a 30yr exemplary work record, I was unfortunate enough to be suspended from work. I thought at the time it would all blow over and I put my faith in my union rep and my Human Resources department. I quickly discovered that my union rep was of little help and only had the most basic knowledge of HR procedures. Rather than being treated fairly by the HR department I previously trusted, It became apparent I was a problem to be brushed under the carpet , with the likelihood I would be sacked. Throughout my 6 month suspension and with no support from my employers, I soon became despondent and felt I had deserved my circumstances. I came across Sam at formalgrievance through a web search to find online support from others in the same circumstance. At long last I felt supported and listened to. It was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I was astounded at Sam’s legal knowledge and prompt replies with sound guidance from experience. Several legal friends were impressed with his letters. His fees are very reasonable and he is worth every penny. I would recommend his services in an instant for anyone considering raising a grievance, suspended or facing suspension,and feeling bullied at work. It will be the best thing you will ever do.


The Formal Grievance Letter service was invaluable. I was supported from the very start right through to the appeal stage. In what has been a long and arduous process, it has been good to have a knowledgeable, experienced professional to help me to be heard and remain sane.


I was extremely fortunate to find Sam through the internet. Initially I used his grievance letter template which helped me enormously and was worth the very nominal fee. Subsequently Sam has always been at the other end of the phone to offer guidance and support. He is passionate and informed and has a knowledge of employment law, second to none. He explains everything in detail, patiently and clearly. He has been my guardian angel and is worth his weight in gold. If I need employment guidance anytime in the future, Sam will be my first port of call.

Annie from Surrey

I had been happy in my current position at a medium sized company for 9 years until a new vice chairman and director came on board and my face no longer fit. I was harassed and intimidated by these people and my job was threatened by a new employee brought in by these people to take over my position. The final straw came when I was suspended on unsubstantiated allegations. I came across the Formal Grievance website two days after my suspension and since that day, with Sam’s help we have backed my employee into a corner that they are struggling to get out of. Sam drafted me a grievance letter and has responded to all of their disciplinary letters in such a way that they no longer know which way to turn. At present I am still suspended on full pay whilst my employee tries to untangle the legal web that Sam has spun and I feel confident that any legal route my employer tries to take me down, Sam will shut it down immediately. This man really is good and I am so glad I have him in my corner. I can guarantee I would have been unemployed without any compensation long ago if it were not for Sam. I cannot recommend Sam Stone highly enough.


Coming across Sams website couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was struggling to know where I stand with my employer, confused by all the jargon surrounding employment law and emotionally exhausted by the months of harrassment that had been inflicted on me by the company. I was ready to quit. Sams grievance letter template, and subsequent guidance has not only boosted my self confidence but given me the courage to push ahead with the grievance. His support has given me so much needed strength at a time where I thought the only option was to give in and move on. I’m sure my grievance letter is the first of many steps, but at least now I know there is someone out there who genuinely cares and will answer any questions I may have about the process. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who has found themselves in a conflict situation with their employer and is unsure what to do next.

– Nicola

Sam, I learnt more from you in half an hour about employment law than the two solicitors I paid to have a consulation with regarding my grievances.

Cheers – Eric

Hi Sam, Just to say thankyou for my grievance letter. After ringing various people in Employment Law including Sam Stone, he was the only person to contact me. It was nice to have someone on your side and give guidance. I cannot thank him enough. Kind Regards – ****

Being a foreigner in the UK, I did not know my rights at work. I found Sam Stone to be a great source and human being to assist me in my time of difficulty. He was very informed regarding the law and was so supportive and very professional. He restored my faith in mankind again and I will always be greatful for his help and kindness. Thank you Sam.


I came across Sam’s website a few months ago when I was absolutely desperate for genuine and honest guidance regarding my work situation. I was feeling very vunerable and lost with what to do. Sam has a great natural skill to listen carefully and understand your situation and upset you are going through. He helped me step by step to understand legal terms and most of all how I had been treated and what rights I had. He explained the whole process in detail and what I could expect to happen. I have never come across anyone who genuinely cares and puts so much effort in what he does. His skills and experience are remarkable in employment law. I feel so lucky to have come across Sam, because I know that without him I would not have had the courage or confidence to fight my Employer for justice. It’s very rare to come across someone like Sam who genuiely wants to help you from the bottom of his heart. Thank you Sam and keep up the good work. God bless you.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the grievance note. To say was impressive would be an understatement.Very rarely can someone say a grievance note packs a Mike Tyson punch with a Johnny Cochran defense. His careful selection of words can make Shakespeare look like Ali G. The letter has an edge to it which is sharper than a serpent’s tooth. It will certainly stop HR ladies playing with their hair or filing the nails for a minute or two. I cant recommend you enough.
Ken London

Sam was a source of much appreciated support. The website alone provided me with invaluable information. The grievance letter template enabled me to draft a letter that gave me a sense of control in this otherwise daunting and dis-empowering situation, and the sense that someone, Sam, had the time to listen to me, hear me, and the skills to enable me to do something to improve my situation. My thanks, gratitude and appreciation Sam.


Sam has been a god send source of help and support had it not been for this I probably might not have any ground to stand on in my grievance. His professionalism, his understanding and genuine concern was invaluable. I am truly indebted to him for this. He has done the job of my union whom I had relied on and they had let me down. My grievance was a complex racial disability and religious discrimination and Sam encouraged me to take it all the way. I could not string anything together due to my illness yet with some input from myself he prepared my grievance. Even now when I need a friend to chat to and bounce ideas off he will quite willingly help. I sincerely believe he is one of the very few genuine do gooders left in the world. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Dear Sam,

Thank you so much for the help and support you gave me by drafting my grievance letter. Facing a hostile employer for months on end with no experience on how to respond to the continued bullying left me feeling truly dreadful but when I spoke with you it made me realise that this was something I didn’t need to face without support or guidance. I look forward to your continued guidance throughout the next phase of the grievance process. Your knowledge in this field is encycopedic and you are a true gentleman.
Kind Regards – Steve

Dear Sam, I cant thank you enough for how you have helped me. I was so distressed when I first spoke with you but you helped me to move forward. I dont know what I would have done without your professional knowlege and great guidance. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is ever unfortunate enough to be in a position like i was. Thank you for your support Sam!! You are a star for doing what you do! I certainly appreciated your service.

Karla – Romford

I do not know how to express my gratitude to you for the extremely helpful and well informed information you have provided in helping me put together my grievance letter. I felt very alone with the whole situation, which was adding to my stress and you have not only been an invaluable help to me in putting my letter together, but you have been a support. Thanks again.

Julie, Australia

You are to be congratulated on constructing such a useful and user friendly site. I found the information extremely helpful, especially in respect of my own current situation, which in parts I found uncannily parallel to my own grievance, which at the time of writing I am in the process of taking through the employment tribunal. Your sample grievance letter on the site is excellent and I easily adapted it to my own grievance and sent to my employer, thank you for that. I found your references to case law extremely useful and of great assistance to me in preparation of my submissions etc. Without being overtly patronising, I would say is one of the best sites I have seen on the web in terms of being directly helpful to persons like myself who are experiencing similar problems. I have no doubt other unfortunate individuals in the same position as me will find the site provides a wealth of information to use in the inevitable battle employees face when trying to legitimately use the grievance procedure in a sincere attempt to resolve serious issues.  Again, thank you for providing such support through your site during a time when it is extremely difficult to find such practical and useful information. I also appreciate all the effort and hard work you have put in, especially in respect of the references to case law.

Halina – Wales

Sam, just to let you know I appreciate the time you took with me on the phone, and the opinions you expressed with regard to my grievance letter.

Richard – France

Hi Sam, thanx for all your help. Your grievance letter template was so good, my boss thought I had got a solicitor to draft my grievance letter. They were very careful with me after receiving the grievance letter, and fixed the problems, which were making me feel ill.

Sally – Truro

Dear Sam, I wanted to thank you for all your help in helping me draft my grievance letter to ***** ****. Thank God the grievance procedure and appeal process is coming to an end. Once again, I appreciate your endeavours – regards Tom